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It is highly unlikely that you’re going to meet your soul mate on either one of these apps.
If you think you might get coffee or a meal before the hookup you might find that on Hinge. You might think the Hinge situation is an actual date solely based on the third party social media connection that led you to the match. Unless they are in their twenties, most men lie about their age on Tinder hoping to get laid.
Dating advice is everywhere, but most of it is based on opinion and folklore (or even creepy pick-up artists). When you’re trying to attract the attention of a potential partner you have a choice: make yourself stand out from the crowd, or show how well you fit in with others. If you asked your grandparents what to do they’d say that women are attracted to men who stand out from the crowd, whereas men are attracted to women who know how to fit in with others.
These ideas might sound old-fashioned, but a study from 2006 showed that when university students were thinking about dating, the female students tended to change their opinions to fit in with others, while men were more likely to change their opinions to stand out from the crowd.

New research from the University of Queensland (co-authored by Dr Richard Wellauer of Benchmark Psychology) shows that men are actually more attracted to women who don’t conform to the group – those who stand out from the crowd.
Whether it’s evaluating dating profiles, rating the attractiveness of other people in small group interactions, or thinking about how much they’ve enjoyed recent dating experiences, men consistently reported that women who stood out from the crowd were more attractive, even though most women think that men prefer conformist women. Women also reported that they preferred men who stood out from the crowd, but only up to a point – being too independent can be unattractive.
So when you’re updating your online dating profile or going out with a bunch of new people, don’t let other people’s ideas about what’s attractive change how you act. This research is about dating, but it may as well be about job interviews, meeting new friends, or chatting to people while waiting for your morning coffee. Your Roadmap to RecoveryBenchmark Psychology has developed a monitoring system that uses baselines, benchmarks, and other barometers of effectiveness without losing sight of the complexities of subjectivity and perspective. Beulah Sanchez) decided to challenge her intellectual capacity and monthly bank balance by leaving her job in film development at Paramount Pictures and join the ranks of the Hollywood community as a comedy writer. New research from the University of Queensland uncovers the truth about how to attract a date.

Standing out suggests that you’ve got individuality and flair, while fitting in with others shows you’re friendly and agreeable. If anything, men who are good at both standing out and fitting in with others are more successful in relationships.
We often spend a lot of time and effort figuring out how to present ourselves in a way that stands out the least – instead, we should be making sure that we’re not living by other people’s standards.
Achieving excellence in practice involves close attention to what is working and what is not. It’s okay to stand out from the crowd and it’s okay to fit in with others, but a mix of both is best of all.
Express your own opinions and flair, but make sure you also show that you’re able to be flexible and go along with the group.

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