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It is difficult to find true love in the world these daysa€”and ita€™s especially hard if you are a superhero.
Where do our heroes turn to if they want to find a loving a€?sidekicka€™?a€”online dating of course!
Next Movie has humorously imagined what some of our favorite superheroesa€™ online dating profiles would be like. From the brave and courageous Captain America to the dark and brooding Batmana€”it goes to show that even superheroes need some love in their lives as well. The fact of the matter is you’re never going to attract women online if your profile is lame. You see, I’m not looking for someone to join me on my journey through life that isn’t up for a bit of a challenge. Why this profiles description worked so well: Plain and simple – it was different from most other profiles. One of the most important aspects of your online dating experience, and one of the things that’s most likely to help or harm that experience, is your profile picture. There’s nothing more unattractive than a man that doesn’t have a firm grasp on the English language. She won’t know if she’s your type if you don’t clearly list specifically what your type is.
That’s where writing a funny, positive, and interesting singles dating profile comes into play. If a picture indeed is worth a thousand words, then your online dating profile picture is worth, well, at least four or five regular pictures.

When the services were more or less glorified message boards, there wasn’t the bandwidth to handle thousands of pictures. The fact of the matter is that men and women tend to have very different approaches to smiling on their picture. The profile picture sometimes known as the “MySpace pose” is the one where you hold the camera above your head and look up.
You don’t have to be a Pro, but you do need to display at least some sort of ability to make funny comments. But you’ll probably notice when looking at profiles of other men, that’s a common type of headline. This last bit of singles dating profile advice is all about how to write a profile that convinces a woman that she must contact you right away. It’s a place where a woman can feel right at home, resting in my arms as we sleep away the tiring, but exciting day we just had. In many cases, a potential date will either decide she’s interested or repulsed by a simple glance at that picture.
Today, however, online dating sites have millions of pictures, and if yours doesn’t stand out then you’re likely to miss opportunities. Women are about twice as likely to smile than men, and four times to make a face that would be considered flirtatious. Believe it or not, that angle actually does tend to get more responses than a traditional straight-on picture. Pictures of guys without their shirts on actually get more responses than those that keep their torso under cover.

But the point is that some of the best headlines are those that are written in a way that targets a specific type of woman.
A day we spent hiking through the Rocky Mountains, rafting in the Colorado River, cheering on our beloved Colorado Rockies to victory, or whatever other cool activity we chose to partake in. When a woman that has a similar type of personality reads this profile, she’s going to contact me. Believe it or not, however, you’re going to have better success with the flirtatious look – but only if it’s directed at the camera.
There is a caveat here, of course: if your torso isn’t particularly in shape, you’re best off leaving that shirt on. I’d rather be out experiencing life here in Colorado, or out on the road checking out the Worlds Largest Ball of Twine or counting the number of Waffle House’s we drive by in the South (seriously, there’s one on every block down there!). The point is you need to write a description that creatively explains who you are and what you’re looking for. The statistics show that the same angle without cleavage is still better than a straight-on shot.
Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’re not a bozo if you take off your shirt, but it does mean you’re more likely to get a response. Men’s profile pictures, however, tend to get more responses when the man looks away from the camera and doesn’t smile.

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