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While attending the World Economic Summit in Davos, one of the sideline meetings conducted by Prime Minister Binyamin was with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg. While the prime minister appears pleased to share the news, that his son is seriously dating a shiksa, Dr. Ben-Artzi adds that if he does not break it off, then he will personally see to it that Yair does not approach the kevarim of his parents on their yahrzeit when the annual memorial is held. Ben-Artzi stated adds his father always said if one of the family members would intermarry he would go out into the streets shouting and pull his hair out, “and here Yair is doing just that” he concluded.
This seems to be pretty much straight lashon hara to me; not sure how you can justify posting it. In Yosiefin there are countless stories of respected families having their sons marry to other nations. The examples you bring to prove your point, actually show the opposite, the dreadful outcome. Every one of my Zionist family members and friends would be horrified if their children married a shiksa C”V.
The issue of intermarriage is one of the most serious – if not most serious halocha issue. It is completely muttar to speak loshon hora about a treif eating Mechallel Shabbos bfarhesya. Don’t you guys know that loshon horah is muttar as long as it somehow makes non-frum people in E”Y look bad? But when a high profile public figure takes this step-the very son of the leader of the JEWISH STATE is dating a non-jew, now the thought of intermarriage- gains momentum and possible justification-it makes very big news -it sets a new acceptable precedent (G-d forbid!) for young affiliated Israelis . According to many mforshim, Bas Paroh went down to the river to toivel in order to convert and at that time found Moshe in the basket.
Interestingly, the religious uncle of this boy is quoted stating that assimilation was “the absolute worst thing that one can do, even worse than leaving Israel”. You simply aren’t familiar with the myriad of Acharonim who wouldn’t consider this confused kid a Mumar!
On the other hand, maybe Netanyahu was just being diplomatic with the Norwegian prime minister.
If only we would have done away with all these vulgar words and phrases when referring to the Umos, HKB”H would never have sent all these pogroms, crusades, holocausts on us.
The Chofetz Chaim is telling is WE MUST JUDGE who falls into this category and then WE SHOULD tell loshon hora about him and make fun of him. A MAN under police investigation for allegedly sexually abusing boys at a Sydney Jewish school has said senior rabbis knew of his actions but failed to report them to authorities.
When news of the NSW police investigation was first reported last week, the Bondi Yeshiva Centre's spiritual leader, Rabbi Pinchus Feldman, said he was shocked to learn of the allegations.
However, one of the alleged perpetrators is known to have recently told one of his victims that he was questioned by Rabbi Feldman about 25 years ago over his alleged sexual abuse of boys. Let me preface this post by saying that I probably would have learned most of the things had I not gone to yeshiva, but going to yeshiva definitely provides an education that is seldom matched elsewhere. 2)NCSY is assur: I never knew that NCSY was mamish evil until I came to yeshiva, not only were there girls there, but they used the excuse of kiruv to allow boys and girls to study together and be in close contact. 4)Chabad is not real Judaism: Do you ever hear about kids who grow up not knowing about race? 5)Learning Nuvi is for girls, gemara is for boys: I always wondered why we never learned anything interesting like navi and I was told that only girls learn it.
6)Yeshivish Cars: I always thought yeshivish people had shitty cars because they had a lot of kids, but in reality it was a past time to work on your car and hold it together with bungee cords and duct tape. 7)Jeans are evil: One of the first things we learned upon entering the yeshiva was the dress code, jeans were a big no no.
12)Vecker: I learned about the vecker, just like in the shtetl they had a guy waking you up, in yeshiva we had someone slamming open our doors and yelling at us to get up shachris like we were in boot camp. 15)Double head covering: I always thought that the rule to wear a hat and jacket for davening was merely a uniform, I never knew that it had real tradition. 20)Mettalish, Piamenta, Instrumental Rock: Yeshiva guys needed music and they found it in ways that were frum, because no one wanted their tape and cd collections burned.
22)Cheeseburger Moshel: When it came to speaking in mussar, it always came back to the cheeseburger, like this was the ultimate sin.
23)Goyim all secretly wanted to kill us: I was brought up with the scary fact that the Nazis would regain power in the US, but in yeshiva it was drilled home. 24)The government is not to be trusted: Another thing I was brought up with that yeshiva intended to instill us with, a true fear of the antisemitic government. 25)Modern Orthodoxy was a wolf in sheeps clothing: When it came to modern orthodoxy, we were taught that it may even be more assur than blatant breaches of Judaism.
27)Klepping and Charter Oaks: I never knew about graduating high school without actually going to high school, but there were a lot of these mail order diploma scams and klepping that people looked into. 29)Porn is bad, but selling it is the worst: It was one thing to go watch a movie or get some porn, it was a whole other thing to share those dirty deeds.
This is entirely accurate, and why I needed a complete year outside of any sort of school after yeshiva in order to merely regain a sense of reality.
You learned a lot more than I did, but of course you probably came from a frummy home that didn’t watch shabbos morning cartoons or eat dairy out. I did learn that you can dupe the fire inspectors by having a couple guys running around switching smoke detector batteries out and moving them to other rooms.
There is reason to do so not just during davenen but also other times which is why you will see that chassidim wear their hats much more often.
I went to a Modern Orthodox school for elementary and Bais Yaakov for high school, and I had never heard of taking to an authority figure in the third person until high school. What, you’ve never read this blog, his spelling and grammar has gotten slightly better than in 2006, but not by much. I hear if you hang out in Rochester long enough, you can learn all about community politics and sinas chinam. I learned that the Gemara contained all of the worlds knowledge if you studied it deeply enough. I learned that if you wore an item of clothing that had color in it (besides white, black and some gray) was a sign that you were heading off the derech.
At my yeshiva (Ner Israel in Toronto) snitching was encouraged, because the rebbeim taught that you were actually helping your classmate by turning him in when the hanhalla went on one of their witch hunts.
Rabbi Simon Jacobson on Lashon Hara - slanderous talk, dating advice and Repairing the yeshiva system (continued).Much buzz was generated by the discussion in last week’s episode about whether our yeshiva system is failing us.
In this episode, Rabbi Jacobson will also provide dating advice, including looking for a prospect outside of one’s community, a baal teshuva’s foray into the shidduch scene and dating younger men. This hour-long dose of insights is meant to inform, inspire and empower us by applying the teachings of Chassidus to help us face practical and emotional challenges and difficulties in our personal lives and relationships.
MyLife: Chassidus Applied addresses questions that many people are afraid to ask and others are afraid to answer.
The on-going series has provoked a significant reaction from the community, with thousands of people viewing each live broadcast and hundreds of questions pouring in.
In inimitable “Jacobson-fashion”, the broadcast answers people’s questions in simple, clear language while being heavily sourced. All episodes are immediately available for viewing in the MLC's archive and can be downloaded as MP3's for listening on the go. There’s very little in this world as satisfying as finding a chink in someone you hate’s armor and then stabbing your sword in and twisting. Which is why it gives me great pleasure to tear an anonymous commenter online a new asshole.
The beauty of really sheltered people talking on the internet is that these people have never been forced to analyze their thoughts as long as they don’t contradict the party line.
Of course, following a religion to get laid is basically the definition of Orthopraxy, but this is so plainly how this kana’i commenter feels about what religion is, that he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

I think my reply got lost when I wrote it a few days ago, but I think you’re right that its true in the general sense as well.
There is a definite statute of limitations on responses to anonymous blog comments, and i think you may have surpassed it. A native New Yorker, Rabbi Rokowsky developed his analytical approach to Talmudic scholarship under the tutelage of the renowned Rabbi Yosef Dov Soloveitchik of Jerusalem and received his ordination from Rabbi Dov Schwartzman. Rabbi Reich graduated from Gateshead Talmudic College in 1983, and completed his rabbinic studies at Beth Medrash Gevoha in Lakewood. Rabbi Swiatycki studies in Yeshivot both in the United States and Israel, receiving his ordinaiton from Beth Medrash Govoha in 1974.
Berel Kelemer was born in Boston and grew up in New Hempstead, Long Island, where his father serves as a beloved Rabbi of the community. Rabbi Kelemer studied in the Mirer Yeshiva in Jerusalem and continued his studies in community kollel programs for another seven years. Chaggai Ben-Artzi, Sara Netanyahu’s brother has a different viewpoint regarding the relationship. He explains his father was very clear on the matter of assimilation and there is no room here for leniency. Yosiefin explains that there was nothing wrong because by a Goyishe girl there is no problem of marrying an Urrel.
And from the mere fact that he is dating a shiksa it’s self evident that he is not shomer Torah. Elimelech was already dead when his sons married Rus and Orpah, and they did not listen to their mother Naomi’s vigorous protests. Noami wanted to send them back home, how could you send a Yiddishe girl who is M’chiev in Mitzvohs back to Moav ?? What really matters is that Ben Artzi probably didn’t teach his daughter much about yiddishkeit.
The reason for Zionism is to create a new hebrew goy nation that is as identical as possible to the goyim. We 100% can rely on the Chofetz Chaim when he paskens it is a mitzvah to make fun of and tell loshon hora about these people. NSW police are investigating allegations two men associated with the school community surrounding the ultra-orthodox Yeshiva Centre in Bondi sexually abused children during the 1970s and '80s. Yeshiva graduates are definitely light years ahead of modern orthodox kids in terms of street smarts, ruthless business tactics, and how to get around policy, whether it be parental, rabbinical, or governmental.
In Rochester NCSY was pretty big and one time my roommate and I got caught going to a convention and we got a pretty long mussar session from this beis medrish guy about the dangers of girls and how they only lead to sin.
I had no idea that parents themselves would prevent growing teenage boys from conversing with the opposite sex.
Well, that’s kind of how I grew up with chabad, there were no distinctions of them beingany different than we were.
I was told that men learn gemara, but I hated gemara and many of my fellow classmates may be frum today if we would have learned navi, but I’m guessing that the sex, war, and betrayal were a bit too much for a bunch of horny teenagers.
I felt kind of weird at that moment, because just the day before, my father had dropped me off and he was wearing jeans. I wonder if the Rabbis realized that all we really wanted to look at were real live naked girls, rather than crumbled pages of them hidden in our cereal boxes and shoes.
There are too many phonies running around claiming to be Rabbis and I don’t want to be caught standing for the wrong guy.
Sure, it takes some balls to just invite yourself out, but the opportunity to look at girls in shul and eat something other than yeshiva food was too good to pass up on. I learned early on that one needed a double head covering for davening (I was told that this is why black velvet yarmulkes are all the rage). I wore knitted at that point in my life and I switched between knitted and suede and reform satin ones as well.
It took me sometime to realize that besides for the little girls dressing up, women didn’t really do purim.
So they had all sorts of instrumental stuff like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai and all sorts of not so frum Jewish music. However, some of the more modernishe kids would respond to the N word by asking people not to use it and some of the more Brooklyn types would call them N-lovers. They made the cheeseburger so lofty that when my classmates finally tried them, they were very disappointed.
Cheating on government things was allowed because they forced us to pay for public schools and pay for programs we didn’t need. At least if one drives to shul on shabbos you know where he stands, but one who appears to be orthodox but has an immorally low mechitza, coeducation, untznius clothing, and sends their kids to college is harder to recognize.
I didn’t really know all the politics back then, I merely thought it was because they had a Gay Club and allowed girls to learn things other than Navi that it was assur. A lot of folks just wanted out, they hated yeshiva and wanted to get on with the drinking and sex portion of their youth. I wondered how a guy who’d spent his entire life in yeshiva could move into a healthy marriage, but one of those guys we never thought would marry, did in fact get married. Dre talks about killing snitches, because that’s the absolute worst thing you can do in yeshiva.
The first time I was ever hit on by a man was on Purim when I was the only woman dressed up for the occasion.
When asked about the sensitive topics he has been addressing, Rabbi Simon Jacobson commented, “I understand that the stakes are high, but the silence and lack of clarity on matters plaguing the community can no longer go unaddressed.
At the root of every question and personal challenge tackled by the series is the overarching question: Does Judaism have the answers to my personal dilemmas? Each episode is jam-packed with eye-opening advice from the Rebbeim, gleaned from uncovering surprising gems in their letters, sichos, and maamorim that address our personal issues with disarming relevance.
This comment goes back a while, back to when blogs were still talking about the ami orthopraxy article. A world re-nowned daf yomi lecturer, Rabbi Rokowsky served as Educational Director o Ohr Somayach Monsey, Jerusalem, as well as magid shiur at Yeshiva Merkaz HaTorah in the early 1970a€™s.
Currently the senior editor of the English Artscroll Talmud, Rabbi Schorr joined the Ohr Somayach Monsey staff in his present capacity in 1980. Having served as the Director of the Beer HaGolah Institute of New York, he became the Director of Admissions and the Educational Director of Ohr Somayach Monsey in 1982.
He joined Ohr Somayacha€™s staff in 1991 to further develop the Yeshivaa€™s introductory programs and became Director of Development in 1996.
Rabbi Swiatycki lectured and taught at the University of Michigan and Michigan State University before joining the Ohr Somayach Monsey staff in 1979. Rabbi Kelemera€™s contagious smile and congenial personality have endeared him to all students at Ohr Somayach. Rabbi Kelemer has been teaching introductory Talmud and Jewish Philosophy for several years. Netanyahu used the meeting to share some private news with the prime minister, that Yair was dating Sandra Leikanger, a Norwegian national. Ben-Artzi, who is Shomer Torah and Mitzvos, did not attempt to hide his anger over his nephew’s relationship. Rus had converted before her marriage and because conversion for marriage is not acceptable, Nomi was testing her by telling her to go back (three times,) and from Rus’s answer, she realized that she had sincerely converted. Instead of being totally against assimilation,if he had taught his daughter about Yiddishkeit, and not just zionism, she maybe would have taught her own children about yiddishkeit, and they would not be wandering to Norway. So, just as a French citizen might marry a British citizen, Israeli intermarriage with other nations is, then, a perfectly reasonable means to that same end, R”L.
I can’t say I learned much in the ways of emunah, bitachon, gemara, or other Torah pursuits, but the other things I learned make up for it. Later on in life, I realized that NCSY was probably one of the most successful small town non-chabad kiruv tools in all the land.

I only learned this during a shabbos afternoon discussion about who’s parents would do what if they caught them talking to girls.
Well, yeshiva changed that, in yeshiva they liked the individual chabadnicks around town and chabad was the only shul that the yeshiva really got along with, but they weren’t as good as we were. When I asked why women didn’t learn gemara, I learned that it was because it made them pritzus. In fact, the only thing my father ever wore during the week was jeans, so I now wondered if I had some demerit of sorts for having an evil father who was polluting me with his goyishe ways. Little did I know that this skill would serve me well in my formative years and it still does. I was considered weird, I also learned that switching is uncommon and those who switch have to deal with a lot of politics. I later learned that the Rabbis had faith in us that had no shaychis to the goyim and so we wouldn’t want anything to do with them. The only kids who went to YU were the in-towners, everyone else ended up in Touro, community college, or getting a BTL and then going to state school. Actually I learned it first hand because I sold some kid a bunch of Maxim Magazines and he in turn hid them in his freezer and when he was caught he snitched on me. Nobody likes a snitch, even the Rabbis have ill feeling towards the snitch because he is going against his supposed friends and stabbing them in the back. I learned that you can pretty much get a college degree and masters degree without ever stepping foot in a college.
Which is not surprising: We and our children – our very future – are directly affected by our education system. Simultaneously, Rabbi Jacobson is able to crystallize a concept quickly, succinctly, and poignantly for any level of listener. Like having sex with a big-boobed blonde woman, or letting out a fart at a yeshiva dinner so nasty that people have to cover their mouths, a good shtuch is ultimately meaningless and fleeting, and at the same time, better than anything you can ever imagine. Rabbi Schorra€™s captivating drashos on chumash and yomim tovim form a key element of the Ohr Somayach Bais Monsey Medrash Program. Since his arrival at Ohr Somayach Monsey, Rabbi Braun has guided thousands of students through their educational decisions and offered invaluable advice regarding careers and marriage. Rabbi Reich is the spiritual guru behind the establishment of Ohr Somayacha€™s Monsey outreach division, a€?Legacya€? and gives lectures in both hashkafa and chassidus. His thought provoking insights in philosophy continue to inspire students and are a main stay of the Introductory and Legacy Seminar Programs.
His deep caring & clear insight into human nature have made him constantly sought after, and he is almost always available either in person or via the phone. He also serves in the capacity of Mashgiach of the Yeshiva in which he interacts with each student & keeps tabs on their welfare, physically, spiritually, academically and emotionally. Yair, 23, has already traveled with her to Norway during the summer and the relationship continues. Netanyahu, was adamant and he said assimilation was “the absolute worst thing that one can do, even worse than leaving Israel”. The alleged sexual abuse occurred at the boys' homes and at a camp organised by the Yeshiva Centre. It is understood one or more other senior figures in Sydney's Yeshiva Centre were also aware of the alleged abuse in the 1980s but failed to contact police. Apparently shorts were also not allowed except inside, but outside and inside jeans were very prohibited. I also learned about hats, gray hats, straw hats, black hats, blue hats, big brim, wide brim, narrow brim, up hats, down hats, up brim down brim. For instance, I was in yeshiva during the whole kids at risk thing and those kids always wore small flat black velvet yarmulkes that needed bobby pins.
Though I think I never got into Shweky because he went to our yeshiva and his girly voice at melave malka’s was a bit much.
With many comments and questions pouring in around this issue, Rabbi Jacobson will continue the conversation in this week’s 70th episode of My Life: Chassidus Applied. Rabbi Rokowskya€™s thorough, in depth approach to Talmudic learning infuses his student with a unique appreciation of the finer nuances of Rashia€™s commentary on gemorah.
His weekly presentation in Sfas Emeson the Parsha Hashavua is a masterpiece of classical and Chassidic thought. His much sought after counsel is a testimony to his sincere commitment and involvement with each studenta€™s progress. The Norwegian daily Dagen reported she met the prime minister’s son while studying in the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, where he too is studying and it appears that fact that she is not Jewish does not trouble the young Netanyahu. He added that if his parents knew of what their grandson was doing it would not be received well to put it mildly. The alleged offender also told his victim that he had abused several boys, something he said he was now deeply sorry about. I never did this, because I thought it was absolutely insane, until I read about it the Yated.
Jeans were so assur, that kids would hide their jeans and put them on at the airport or bus station at the start of out shabbosim.
Apparently bobby pins were frummer than clips, but both were assur because if you needed them, your yarmulke wasn’t big enough.
I also learned that boys choirs existed to replace kol isha and that kind of freaked me out, it still does.
He added that if Yair does not break it off and “does this thing then his is spitting on the kevarim of his grandparents. NSW police this month confirmed it had been investigating child sexual abuse allegations involving the Bondi Jewish community since early last year. Now you see how you can repress something so much that it becomes desirable, I guess my Rabbeim would be happy to know that I just bought my first pair of jeans in my adult life.
I probably would eventually learned about this, but yarmulke style is such a big deal in a more left wing yeshiva like I went to, that I had lessons about shine vs no shine, 4 piece vs. Goyim were certainly out to kill you, and one day if we stopped learning gemara, they would regain the power over us (yup?) and do it. The investigation began after NSW detectives received information from Victorian police who had been probing abuse allegations at Melbourne's Yeshiva College since 2011. 6 piece and the only truly assur yarmulke were those that had sports teams because you apparently put them between you and God.
It is understood that at least one alleged victim of the Sydney sexual assaults has provided a statement to NSW police. We had initially gone into Kova Hats because apparently we’re related to the guy, but we took one look at the prices and out to sears we went.
Only did I learn later on in life that you really can’t judge someone by their yarmulke alone, you also had to see where on their head it was placed.
That, and the fact that God created goyim to fix our cars, pave our streets, and build our houses. The attitudes of senior Jewish leaders regarding the reporting of child sexual abuse have been under scrutiny in recent months after comments by senior Chabad rabbi Manis Friedman playing down the effects of abuse. Of course, he’ll probably be cut off from his family, friends also, but those aren’t as important for the simple fact that if they disapprove of him, he can tell them to go to hell.
Everyone had a role in this world, in service of the heilige yeshiva bucher and kollel yungerman.
The shadchan delivers a plate of all your bullshit to the girl you find hot, she eats it like a good girl, and mazal tov, sex and a family for free.

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