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Fifth grader Stephanie's friend Josh asks her if she wants to go with him and the rest of the baseball team to a pizza parlor and just hang out.
While Stephanie gets ready for an unforgettable evening, even hoping to kiss him, Josh is oblivious to the attraction. If you’re ever unsure of how to proceed in a certain situation these dating rules for women may come in handy.
While every person should handle dating in a way that makes them feel comfortable, there are a few guidelines that can boost your success. As a result, the situation becomes awkward for the both of them, especially when she kisses him.
Joey, who would like to date her, might end up messing dinner up, because he becomes a nervous klutz whenever he is around her. Taking the time to study these rules gives you a feel for the dating game and lets you decide whether you’re going to follow them, or break them. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to maintain your appearance, but it is a good idea to do what you can.

This rule gives you a little bit of personal protection, plus it helps you retain a little bit of mystery, especially when it comes to personal information.
In addition to keeping yourself looking good through personal care, you should also put in a little time on physical fitness. While keeping someone waiting is rude and inconsiderate, showing up well before your date can be a bad idea, too. Make sure you know how to kiss and that you feel confident when you do choose to be physically intimate. Even if your exes or family members have been a big feature in your life, talking about them too much can make your date feel uncomfortable.
While the way your date dresses and behaves can certainly tell you a few things, it’s not a good idea to make assumptions. If your date acts possessive, jealous or insecure for no reason, he may not be the right choice for you.
Just like you need to take care of yourself, you have the right to ask that your date does the same.

It may be traditional to wait for your date to become interested in you, but this leads to a lot of lonely nights. Stop to consider the best way to take care of yourself given your budget and lifestyle, then make sure you do it on a day to day basis.
You don’t need to look like an Olympic athlete, but the effort will keep you feeling healthier, more confident and more attractive. If you aren’t comfortable with hooking up, however, you should never let your date pressure you. Even if he covered the cost of the date, you don’t owe him anything and should never have sex before you feel ready. Wait a little while before returning calls or replying to messages to prevent yourself from coming on too strong.

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