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Some of you might be thinking that what could have propelled Hudson to name his company in the way he did! In 2004, Neil Strauss writes an article in The New York Times about his overall experience of joining in the “seduction community”, pickup artists sub-culture. Today, Neil Strauss lives in Los Angeles, and as he would say, he would like to have a pair of every animal. Some of his other unique techniques, according to the article in “Ask Men”, include “opening the group, and not just the target”, meaning that if you find yourself in a group of men, surrounding your target, focus all of your attention to the men, and ignore your target. In 2007 he founded his company named “Stylelife Academy”, where most of the dating coaching is done by other employed expert coaches, while Strauss makes certain appearances on annual conferences. Quite obviously, it hints towards his inclination to social life and also about his ability to create it easily.
He is also regularly writing for The New York Times, and writes cover stories for celebrities at The Rolling Stone Magazine.
A year later, he publishes “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists”, where he writes about him becoming Style, a pickup artist, being tutored by Mystery. The Academy offers special self-improvement programs designed to help each man understand his inner potential and meet and attract the woman he wanted for so long.
Not just that, he also released other programs like Hidden Mic Pickups and the Girlfriend Activation System.
He even won the ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for his story on Kurt Cobain’s suicide (Rolling Stone), and for his personal profile on Eric Clapton (The New York Times).

In his book, he talks about his experiences with other pickup artists like Ross Jeffries, Steve P. According to an article in “Man’s Health” about Neil Strauss, his most common conversation starting technique named peacocking literary means “wear your opener, so someone else can open you” (in one case, this ‘opener’ included wowing Madonna with a pair of golden boots). Proceed by “conveying personality to the whole group” or simply focus your stories and conversations towards less attractive women and men, during which time the target will notice you closely.
This technique is intended to open man up for new experience through encouragement to stand out of the crowd, and not trying to blend in just because it is safer.
Direct a simple question to the whole group like “how do you all know each other” and find out if your target is with somebody. The book elaborates different seduction sessions with a list of celebrities like Courtney Love, Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and others. Women like men who are more distinctive, feel comfortable about who they are and at the end, more self-confident. In case your target is available, start a conversation and after a while, “ask for permission from the whole group” to steal their friend for a while. After quitting from the job, Christian Hudson decided to take a big step in his career, and so he came up as the co-founder of a PUA company, known as Charisma Arts. At “The Social Man”, Hudson will let you know in detail about the ways through which you can build a powerful and effective social personality. The easiest way to accomplish such attention grasping is adding few maybe eccentric pieces of clothes in your wardrobe.

And, he strongly believes that in order to have hot and gorgeous women in your life, it is necessary for you to have a flourishing and good social circle. But, you have to blend in a certain attitude in wearing everything, find a body language that shines with self-confidence and self-comfort. As a result, after Charisma Arts he founded his own company, and named it as The Social Man. Though he also believes in the concept of “Game”, but he gives more importance to social personality. Among his other books, the best known include: “The Dirt” (with Motley Crue), “The Long Hard Road Out of Hell” (with Marilyn Manson), “How to Make Love Like a Pornstar.
This is the reason why you will find that most of the products developed by Hudson talk about rich social life. A Cautionary Tale” (with Jenna Jameson), “Emergency: The Book Will Save Your Life”, “Rules of The Game”, “Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead” (a large collection of his best moments with celebrities), “How to Make Money Like a Pornstar”, “Don’t Try This At Home” (with Dave Navarro) etc. At this company, Hudson along with his colleagues takes the beginners on bootcamps and helps them learn the ways to get a girl, and that too live!

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