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Hi, i've had this a while now, only paid .50p at a carboot sale for it, need help dating it please.
A Chinese porcelain that was expected to sell for $800 to $1,200 sold for $18 million at Sotheby's NY, March 22, 2011. Sotheby's felt there was no actual support to indicate the vase was created before the 20th Century.
We think the $18 million price paid for the Famille Rose Chinese vase has significant downside risk, especially given there is no actual evidence to support its creation and ownership prior to the 20th Century. Most likely, Sotheby's would not dramatically revise the estimate to several million dollars if the Buyer were to consign it again.

The adherence of the Sotheby's International terms of guarantee obviated use of documentation that indicated the vase was created before the 20th Century.
The mark appears to mean that it was registered (the design, perhaps?).It is not antique, some time in the second half of the 20th century at the most, I would think. Described as an unusual famille rose and gold decorated vase, an anonymous bidder paid $18 million for this 20th Century porcelain.
Absent new information, there is no reason to change its documentation from probably Republican which means it is a vase created in the 20th Century, and its original estimate reflected this dating. While some bidders felt the Vase could have been created as early as 1736-1795, there was no actual support for this creation date.

Tai and Company, an Internationally respected dealer in Chinese porcelain, there was no reason to change its creation from the 20th Century. Levene & Robert Grunder Hyperbole, documentation errors, mistakes, accepted norm at Auctionata. The vase accounted for about 50% of the total realized dollar volume at the Sotheby's sale.

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