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The Czech Republic's second largest city after Prague and the capital of the state of Moravia, Brno has a long rich history that dates back as far as prehistoric times. Famous for its cool air and stunning caverns, the Moravian Karst and Caves are a must-visit when in Brno. Built by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Tugendhat Villa is considered one of the most extraordinary examples of modern architecture from the early 20th century. The Dietrichstein Palace (Dietrichstinsky Palac), built in the early 17th century for Cardinal Dietrichstein, is typical of Brno's splendid baroque architecture style. One of Brno's most important historic buildings, the Old Town Hall (Stara Radnice) dates back to the early 13th century and is notable for its many fine architectural flourishes.
Once you've discovered all Brno has to offer, spend a little time exploring the surrounding area. Also worth seeing is the historic town of Olomouc, 78 kilometers northeast of Brno and one of the larger cities in the Czech Republic.
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Thousands of pretty single czech women and slovak women from Eastern Europe, online singles dating. This psychological love test should show how compatible you are with your partner in various areas. Database of single Czech women, Slovakian women, Czech girls, Slovakian girls for dating and Czech singles. Leon Camier of Great Britain and Aprilia Alitalia Racing Team looks on during the qualifying practice of Superbike World Championship Round Eight in Brno Circuit on July 9, 2011 in Brno, Czech Republic.
Karel Abraham of Czech and Cardion AB Motoracing signs autographs for fans during the pre event "Autographs session with MotoGP riders in Vancovka Mall in Brno" druing the MotoGp of Czech Republic - Previews at Brno Circuit on August 22, 2013 in Brno, Czech Republic. Marc Marquez (R) of Spain and Repsol Honda Team speaks with Jorge Lorenzo of Spain and Movistar Yamaha MotoGP during the press conference pre-event during the MotoGp of Czech Republic - Previews at Brno Circuit on August 14, 2014 in Brno, Czech Republic. The International School of Brno (ISB) is a private educational institution offering a quality education to international and Czech students living in the Czech Republic.
My colleague, Agnes and I ventured to the school for a tour and an interview with General Coordinator, Dylan Vance. The biggest challenge that we’re facing right now as we establish the high school is to make sure that we providing a solid foundation for our students as they begin to look towards higher education and a career path. There is big new from ISB that you are opening a high school – the first of its kinds in Brno, can you tell us more about that? So now we have decided that we should establish a high school, and once it is available and established we believe more students and parents will be attracted to the high school offer.
This year we opened grade 10 and students take their final exam (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) through Cambridge International. To being with we’re focusing on the so-called “hard subjects”  like Math, History, English Lit,Science, Geography, etc. Football, judo, art, and German – this year we don’t have drama but it our grade 1 teacher is putting together a very exciting-looking drama club for next year that is already getting a lot of interest. Yeah, just this past winter I went with grades 6-10 dog sledding in North Bohemia and grades 4 & 5 are going to London next week. After the interview Agnes and I joined Dylan for an exclusive tour of the ISB where we were able to discover the values of the ISB, say hello to a few of the classes, talk to the teachers, and explore the buildings facilities. The International School of Brno aims to provide all kindergarten to grade 9 students from all over the world with the necessary tools to become committed, lifelong learners and responsible, engaged citizens of the world. Small class sizes ensure that each student has a voice while our comprehensive and engaging curriculum ensures that all students are able to create their own path towards achieving their own personal and academic goals.

Every decision at ISB is made with this mission statement in mind, and it is emphasized to the parents, students, and teachers as the most important values of the education at ISB. One of the things Agnes and I really enjoyed about ISB was the way they reward students for hard work, progress, success, and encourage individuality out of their students. Overall, ISB has competitive facilities, a curriculum that is well-rounded, stimulating, and meets requirements of International standards, and a staff that genuinely cares about their students success.
While evidence of the communist era still dominates the city's outskirts, dig deeper and you'll be rewarded with a number of splendid historical sites and attractions, including the 13th-century Spilberk Castle, the Dietrichstein Palace, and the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is considered a national cultural monument and remains one of the city's most important attractions due to its splendid architecture. Today, the castle is home to the Brno City Museum with its fine permanent and frequent temporary exhibitions. The Karst area covers some 100 square kilometers and contains more than 1,100 known caves and gorges, four of which are open to the public for self-guided tours (trails are clearly marked indicating their level of difficulty). In a posh residential area, it was constructed in 1930 for Fritz Tugendhat, after whom the building is named, and is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Peter and Paul, Brno's other most important religious structure is the pretty 14th-century Church of St. Founded in the 11th century, this stunning structure's present appearance features numerous additions and changes made up until the medieval period. The museum houses an eclectic mix of visual arts including paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Featuring fine Baroque statues made by Jan Adam Nessman around 1765, the church is also famous for its crypt, established in the 17th century and another of the city's unusual collections of human remains. The building was home to the city's administrative offices until 1935, and one of its oldest highlights is a Late Gothic gate, an elaborately decorated masterpiece created by Antonín Pilgram in 1510.
Just 67 kilometers southwest of Brno is the lovely old Moravian city of Znojmo, perched on the banks of the Dyje River. Dating from the 10th century, Olomouc boasts some beautiful old architecture, as well as an active arts and cultural scene that includes the Moravian Theatre, the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, and numerous museums and galleries.
All rights reserved.Unauthorized duplication in part or whole without prior written consent prohibited by international laws. It works on the presumption that a long-lasting and successful relationship is based on a great number of mutual agreements of both partners in various areas.
Many of girls became Czech brides or Slovakian brides, many of them found their European gentleman through our online Czech dating server. Therefore, when we first opened we offered courses up until 9th grade, because all students in the Czech Republic have to attend elementary education. However, we have decided to include the trips in the cost of tuition for the next year (with the parents support) so that the trips are mandatory because they are a really amazing experience. Highlights include its exquisite Baroque interior, as well as the 84-meter-tall twin towers added at the start of the 20th century (the main part of the building dates from the mid-1700s).
Permanent exhibits focus on the architectural history of the castle and its role as a prison, as well as the history of Brno. For the truly adventurous, a number of less-traveled caverns can be visited with a qualified spelunker as a guide. Incorporating some of the most modern technology and concepts from that time period, the villa - the first masterpiece of modern architecture to be built on Czech soil - is famous for its unique open-plan structure and use of materials such as onyx, chrome, travertine, and ebony. The museum's five permanent exhibits cover a wide range of topics and time periods, including prehistory, a Moravian village in the Middle Ages, and minerals and mining, as well as offering a comprehensive overview of the region's more recent history, including fascinating displays relating to WWI and WWII. After changing hands and nationality many times - the castle was once even owned by wealthy English landlords, and hosted Winston Churchill in his younger years - the castle lay dormant for decades, but thanks to recent renovations is certainly worth a visit.

Other highlights include a large display of photography and applied arts, as well as graphic design (the museum has hosted an international graphic design contest since 1963). Upon entering, you're faced with the bodies of numerous monks who, after being laid to rest, were naturally mummified by a combination of the site's unique soil and ventilation system.
Another highlight, the court arcades, were added later in the 16th century (come summer they, along with interior rooms such as the Crystal and Fresco Halls, as well as the old Treasure House, can be toured).
Founded in the early 13th century, the town is home to some beautiful medieval architecture, including the Gothic Church of St.
Also of interest is Ostrava, a former mining town worth visiting for the Landek Park and Michal Mine.
We decided we would wait and see if the parents and students would eventually be interested in a high school. Home to many of the country's most important government institutions, Brno - a university town with numerous educational establishments - is also an important convention, entertainment, and cultural center, boasting many fine concert venues, sports halls, and racetracks, including the famous Masaryk Circuit.
Try to time your visit to coincide with the ringing of the midday bells, which in fact sound at 11am (legend has it this early peel successfully tricked attacking Swedes into ending their siege). Concerts, theatrical performances, and other cultural events are held in the castle's courtyard throughout the summer, and visitors are also encouraged to climb the lookout tower for its fine views over the old city.
Highlights include numerous interesting stalagmites and stalactites easily viewable from the well-lit passageways, as well as an excellent boat tour along an underground river.
Now a National Cultural Landmark due to its important architecture and historical artifacts, the church features an old gothic crucifix, early 16th-century reliefs (including one of the crucifixion of Christ), a number of interesting tombstones, and a Baroque organ. Highlights include the palace building with its vast loft and dining room, its fine frescoes, and collections of furniture. Although a little chilling, it's a fascinating display, and one that's explained in detail through a series of interesting exhibits.
If you're up to it, be sure to make the climb up the 63-meter-high tower with its panoramic views over Brno. Nicholas, the tower of the City Hall, and nearby Znojmo Castle, a baroque chateau built on the foundation of an 11th-century fortress, which today serves as a museum and gallery. Although a two-hour drive northeast of Brno, it's worth the journey for its fascinating account of the history of mining in the area, as well as a chance to descend to a coalface and experience the working conditions of miners firsthand.
Another highlight is a chance to see the remnants of the original city walls buried underneath the cathedral, as well as its interesting old crypt. Also of note is the Macocha Abyss, a deep chasm overlooked by viewing platforms and footbridges, and with numerous excellent walking trails. A little detour worth taking before heading back to Brno is to Karlova Studanka, an 18th-century spa town in the Jeseniky Mountains built around a number of cold springs considered therapeutic due to their high levels of iron. Then, all the results are counted and you find the final compatibility in percents above the big heart. About 25 kilometers north of Brno, the caves are always popular with tourists, so be sure to book your visit in advance. Revealed during an archeological dig in 2001, this vast collection of human bones - estimates suggest the remains of around 50,000 people were found, making it the second largest after the famous Catacombs of Paris - is as chilling in scale as it is in the unusual way the collection is displayed, including collections heaped in archways and used as decorative displays and ornamentation.
Beautifully laid out with wide streets, parks, and gardens, this picturesque town is famous for its wooden architecture, its mountain peak, and its numerous waterfalls and rivers.

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