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Sarah Richardson is the author of “Online Dating Scams – Protect Your Heart and Money,” a guide whose main aim is to help people who use online dating services by teaching them everything related to such services.
If you use an online dating website or if you know someone who does, then you should read Sarah Richardson’s guide or recommend it to the respective person.
Online dating brings with it many risks, it’s great to see that there are such helpful guides to aid you! Many people don’t really think things through before putting their personal information on places like online dating sites. I hear a lot of close firends have started online dating nom, and I have thought about it as well. Hoping that nobody you know sees you, you start to peruse the self-help isles of your favorite Barnes & Noble bookstore to find a number of dating books and guides with fascinating titles like “Women Are From Venus, And Men Are From Mars,” “Dating For Dummies,” “How To Attract A Woman,” and many others. I set out to do something for myself and then to improve upon and share my learning with others. After creating a logical framework and doing the research, which included interviews with experts in every field related to dating, reading dozens of books, and interviewing literally thousands of women, from models, professionals, to the girls “next door,” we finally finished what we consider the bible of dating: “The Zen Secrets of Dating”.
I think our first book and our Zen Masters series are special, because they are not about cheap tricks.
Danielle Steel is one of the world's most popular and highly acclaimed authors, with over ninety international bestselling novels in print and more than 600 million copies of her novels sold.
Pretty Minnie In Hollywood by Danielle SteelA glamorous new picture book from one of the world's bestselling authors, Danielle Steel!
These five books are full of wonderful reasons to turn on the night light, plump up the pillows and settle in for some page-turning . To celebrate the new release of our Random Romance books, we've put together 10 facts that will change everything you think you know . You can find a job, choose where to travel to and make online payments, buy goods, start a business, and so much more – possibilities are endless. With a wealth of specialized services from which to choose, it is considerably easier to find your significant other in today’s society.
The focus is on scammers and on avoiding them, so “Online Dating Scams” will provide valuable advice as to how to identify a scammer’s profile, how to recognize scams, how to avoid fraud, how to deal with persons who engage in this kind of activity, and so on. In high school, we learn mathematics, science, and English, but nobody ever taught us the most important subject of them all: how to meet, attract, and love a woman. Great, you think, and buy one or two of those dating books only to find that they have some great content, but most of it is very theoretical Oprah-esque material.

Alright, you did find some useful ideas – at least that’s what you thought before you tried them. Some women may respond to some of simple little tricks, but what do you do when you encounter a woman who isn’t receptive to your advances? If you’re an introverted and genuinely nice guy, turning yourself into a manly macho dude with cheesy pick-up lines simply will not work for you. Look – dating is about us properly channeling our efforts, using our current skills to our advantage and along the way becoming better men, and developing real strategies, habits, and techniques.
I contacted an old college buddy, Dean George Kennedy – the guy who dated the most beautiful women, and then Cameron Skye (herself a former model and now a marketing guru and trendsetter) to create the Zen Secrets of Dating series and this website. With two grown children and a lovely home in Connecticut, Paris was happy with her marriage, her family, her life.
However, scammers represent a threat in the world of online dating, causing not only heartbreak, but also financial issues via identity theft. The author also offers several fraud examples, so that you may better understand how scammers operate and how to avoid their schemes. After reading this guide, you will surely wish to purchase Sarah Richardson’s other books, because she explains everything in accessible language and in such a manner that you feel as if you were talking to a friend.
If you’re lucky, you find a great role model or learn some aspects of it through trial-and-error. And then you browse the Internet and find Jerry Springer-esque books on how to seduce a woman and have sex with her within 60 minutes. Then, you go to a bar only to realize that you don’t have the courage to actually try these ideas in the real world. Do you blame yourself for not having the courage and the skill to be successful, or do you blame the authors of those suspect Internet dating books? It will feel unnatural and awkward, and if anything, using those dirty little tricks will make your dating life even worse – not better. I live in Los Angeles, where there are more handsome, rich, famous, movie producer, musician dudes than anywhere else in the US.
So when her husband of twenty- four years said they needed to talk, Paris couldn't imagine what he was about to say.
For example, if an author tells you that you have to be more self-confident, that’s terrific, that’s also obvious. And that was to transform the quintessential average guy (that would be me) who had a poor dating record, into a guy who could walk into any room and get the number of the most beautiful unattached woman there. I could get invites to movie premieres, after-hours Hollywood Hills parties, but look at the competition.

You may pick-up a trick or two, develop a “style” and find that it works with one type of woman. After a beer or two, and with the right wingman, I could muster up enough courage to approach any woman in a bar – only to be rejected 5 minutes later. I would see beautiful women and I would look around and see the handsome rich cool guys talking to them.
I, too, picked-up a few dating books that promised incredible success with their dirty little tricks.
It is that difficult application of the principle that sets this series apart from the rest. And just like that, Peter and his thirty-one- year- old lover had made their plans for their future, leaving Paris to pick up the pieces of a shattered life. On the rare occasions that I mustered up the courage to speak to one of them, my results were – shall we say – dismal. You wait and hope that you will accidentally meet the woman of your dreams and that she will magically fall with you. And Paris was left to figure out how she intended to get through the next day, let alone the rest of her life.
The answers are carefully researched, field tested (that was the fun part), and concisely written in our series, The Zen Master: Secrets of Dating. Another example, conversation is the vehicle on which you have to rely to get from “point A” to “point B” with a woman.
Then the excruciating attempts by well- meaning friends to 'fix her up' with men who paled in comparison to Peter.
I am living proof and we have set out to capture this personal success and develop it into a program that will work for anyone. Even if you had a good one (which we discuss in the book), what the hell do you do after the opening line. Paris had never felt, or been, more alone.Saying goodbye to the world she knew and loved, Paris heads west, to San Francisco, and discovers being single in a world full of men who were too young, too old, too married, or too good to be true.

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