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By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The danger of getting involved with a super nice guy is that they send mixed messages about how they feel. The reality is that you are not who he has envisioned for his future, but he is afraid to tell you.
It is so disappointing when we find someone -- and our friends and family are lukewarm in their reception of them at best. If your partner is aware and insightful enough to know how to brighten your spirits after a very long day, this means they understand you pretty well (and they pay attention too!).
One woman told us she knew her guy was "the one" when he spent the entire weekend helping her clean out her aunt's home (who had been a hoarder and suffered from dementia). When someone comes along who really believes in you and encourages you to shoot for the moon, this is a sign that they are not only wonderful -- but a great partner.
Tell us about your experiences with finding "the one." Can someone be "the one" forever - or just through certain phases in your life? But since I’m not one hundred percent sure that I am representative of my gender, it’s best to compare notes with other men.
Given that I wasn’t comfortable settling on the stereotype that men are not romantically inclined, I began to reflect on what I’ve learned about men and romance being a psychotherapist; an occupation that often affords me the opportunity of talking about romance and relationships with men. For example, a male client, George, in his early 40’s was telling me about how he felt when his wife made specific requests, i.e. George reminded me of a deeper truth that was also consistent with my experience in relationships: what men consider romantic and what they want more than anything else is to be seen, treated and responded to in a “special” way all of the time. There’s a good deal written about bad boys — how to recognize them and how to avoid getting your heart broken. Well, just like a super nice women, super nice guys bend over backwards not to hurt your feelings. You find yourself second-guessing your feelings and questioning the truth of your relationship. He doesn’t want to lose your company or the comfort of having someone he likes to go out with.
He attends to your needs more than his own, usually out of guilt for not feeling fully engaged with you.

The mixed messages he’s sending will make you feel conflicted about breaking up with him because after all, he treats you so well and he obviously likes you. When the people who know you best are in complete support of your relationship, they will let you know. We are ultimately all responsible for our own happiness, but it is comforting to know that you are with someone who observes when you might need a little happy boost - and knows exactly what to do.
He didn't have one complaint or critique, and spent hours assisting her in any way he could. We can all use some positive support, and having that in your relationship is like uncovering a rare gemstone. But when it comes to fundamental beliefs, it is a beautiful thing if the two of you are on the same page.
The willingness to own it, work on it, embrace it and not be afraid to look at how we can improve ourselves is a highly desirable trait in a partner.
Being a guy, the last things I’d want on Valentine’s Day, or any other romantic holiday, are flowers, chocolate or even jewelry. So when I played cards with seven male friends a few nights ago, I polled them, “What is romance to a guy?
The one who mulled it over a while before responding said, “Some kind of physical touch would be nice. Romance is not so much about a one-time show of appreciation, acknowledgement or affection, it’s about small, everyday displays of love.
Say what you’d really like, “I’d really appreciate it if you…In the example above, George had felt disconnected from his wife for a while.
The truth is they can teach us what not to do in a relationship and they can be our best teachers. But he is so nice he would do anything to avoid hurting your feelings — so he will never admit that he’s not in love with you. If you are with someone who respects you deeply as a unique individual, this is a critical component to a healthy relationship. He was even able to make light of the situation, and just handled a potentially draining and difficult experience with maturity and patience.
Are they there to help you pick up the pieces - whether it's a bad day or something far more serious?

Do you both highly value things like honesty, generosity, health, family, and kindness to others? This person knows that they are responsible for their choices -- and don't expect you to fix or fulfill them.
Asking self-reflective questions, allowing the time and space for him to answer, then talking so that he can elaborate will likely make him feel valued and that you care about him in a special way. He felt that she was constantly consumed, anxious and worried and that he was rarely on her radar. Here again is the theme of outwardly and explicitly expressing acknowledgement, appreciation or affection.
Naturally, you assume that since you’re dating him his future dreams would include you. Rather than make waves, he’ll spend his time with you until someone better comes along.
And when she tells me what I can do, she softens up and becomes more accessible to me, which makes me like her more.” I validated his experience by saying that what matters most is when she’s present, vulnerable and accessible.
Ideally, he may discover things or become aware of things about himself he rarely thinks about.
Giving your undivided attention conveys that whatever they have to say is important to you. No matter what he did, it went unnoticed, so after a while, he stopped trying to read her mind. Eye to eye contact is a show of genuine interest, that you are comfortable being with him and that what he says truly matters to you. Making specific requests made him feel they were connected, partners working together who could count on each other for support.
Whether it’s sensitivity, generosity, wit, intelligence, whatever it was he said or did, let him know it warmed your heart.

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