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She might make herself pretty, dress sexy to attract atten­tion, and sure seems like she’s very inter­ested in having men attracted to her. If that were true, so many women would be unable to control their attrac­tion to nearly every man around them. One day you may have even mus­tered up enough gump­tion to cut to the chase and tell her how much you’re inter­ested in her. Still, even though such efforts had proven fruit­less for you, I have no doubts it’s may have been a common expe­ri­ence for you, pos­si­bly hap­pen­ing many times in your life.
For those in the know, good for you – stop reading and keep prac­tic­ing to change your behav­ior to be more con­sis­tently productive.
For the rest of you, I can presume you’ve come to the point of real­iz­ing there IS another way.
If I were to say “A woman isn’t inter­ested in how inter­ested a man is in her”, I would not be fully correct.
But there is a dif­fer­ence between knowing what will create attrac­tion in a woman and doing THAT versus just cater­ing to what she asks for or what you THINK she wants with no under­stand­ing of the actual cor­re­la­tion between doing that and getting you closer to your goal (except having a hope it will help). Anyway, the point is by cater­ing to what a woman wants, any more than the bare minimum, you allow her to set the tone which means she will feel like she is the one in control of the inter­ac­tions and she will see that as the ongoing course of the “relationship”. If that’s what she per­ceives, then she will presume it will remain this way with you always and this is not attrac­tive to her.
She may be recep­tive to it ini­tially as she gets to know you, espe­cially if you did a good enough job of getting her inter­est in the first place, but over time it will wear on her uncon­sciously and she will lose that initial attraction.
Do NOT make the mistake of believ­ing that initial recep­tiv­ity to such behav­ior will equal long-term inter­est. Now, keep in mind what I meant when I wrote “bare minimum” does not mean to always do things the oppo­site of what she wants or somehow antag­o­nize her or try to be bossy or con­trol­ling. Sometimes you CAN let her feel like she’s the one taking charge — but here is the trick to that: Provide her that allowance for the times when she is doing some­thing FOR you so that her per­cep­tion will be that she is the one pur­su­ing you, versus the other way around, and this will be always-present in her thoughts.
You deal with the dynam­ics of any sit­u­a­tion and able to main­tain a cool head and nav­i­gate rough waters. These are all the attrac­tive values she REALLY seeks and they must be ever-present from you.
I hate to burst any of your bubbles but this is NOT a choice for you as a man, it is a requirement. Some women will respond to heavy doses of this (literal dom­i­na­tion) but for most women that’s unnec­es­sary overkill and more likely to cause disdain early on unless you pick up from her that she is really into it. Not every outcome to every sit­u­a­tion will be pos­i­tive or pleas­ant but if she can see that you are at the very least leading things through and taking the lead role then it’s all good. So, to recap, I’ve explained why allow­ing a woman to set the tone is not a good thing most of the time and why it’s impor­tant for you to be the one setting the tone. So, if you find your­self hes­i­tat­ing about this then just realize it’s not up for debate any more than rowing a boat upstream or sailing against the wind.
But the next thing to say for those who haven’t had a woman obsess over you: be careful what you wish for.
All this being said I know there are those of you whose goal is just to get one really high quality woman and stay with her for a very long time.

The basics of the method are that you make a woman work to meet your expec­ta­tions that you main­tain for her and women in general. There are many psy­cho­log­i­cal prin­ci­ples that are at work when you make someone work hard to accom­plish some­thing. The other psy­cho­log­i­cal prin­ci­ple is that people with a great deal of choice tend to be more dis­crim­i­nat­ing and demand­ing than those who have little choice. The third prin­ci­ple is that most people love chal­lenges, and as long as you main­tain certain stan­dards then they will enjoy trying to meet those standards. It helps to actu­ally create a list of the things that you really do expect or prefer in women, and actively screen for them. Now, to get a woman really obsessed over a longer term, set her much bigger chal­lenges and expec­ta­tions. Again, these may sound pretty harsh, but also notice that they also all result in making her improve herself.
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You should focus on BECOMING more attrac­tive to her in ways that have nothing to do with dis­play­ing your inter­est in her. You can only presume such recep­tiv­ity is pro­duc­tive to your goals if your actions are those of leading (being the lead, the one in charge, the one setting the tone) rather than cater­ing (being reac­tive to her leads, allow­ing her to set the tone). What I mean is you must almost always be the one who is leading the sit­u­a­tion, or at least not leave doubt in her mind as to who is leading the inter­ac­tions, even if ulti­mately you are doing what she wants to do at least half the time, if not more. This way, when­ever she IS the one “in charge”, it’s for times when she is doing some­thing for you. Remember, that is a big key to this — to realize that some­times bad things will happen but so long as you display a cool head and an ability to at least take charge when nec­es­sary, that is what matters. She will appre­ci­ate you for it more than you know and reward you more readily in the long term.
First let me say that there are many ways to get a woman to be obsessed with you, but today I will be dis­cussing only one. I basi­cally no longer use any of the things that I know make women obsessed with me, it is really more trouble than it is worth unless you are pretty sure you want to have a really long term rela­tion­ship with them. And for the rest of you, using less intense ver­sions of what I will discuss can still be good for getting initial attrac­tion. It almost doesn’t matter what the job is, people who have worked hard at some­thing tend to value the expe­ri­ence greatly after the fact. Women know this and will infer from your main­tain­ing high stan­dards for them that you have a great deal of choice of what women you can date.

Remember to screen for char­ac­ter traits and things she can change or do, not phys­i­cal traits. This again usually is more effec­tive once you know you have her strongly attracted and usually once you are already in a sexual rela­tion­ship with her. If she is a second gen­er­a­tion American (example Italian American) but she only speaks English, you might chal­lenger her to learn the lan­guage of her grand­par­ents. And as I said above, if you also make it some­thing that improves her, then you are doing some­thing good for her at the same time. Be on time – Turning up on time is very important, after all it’s very disheartening having to stand and wait for your date for a long time. Dress to impress – Try to wear the nicest clothes that you have to suit the type of date that you are going on. Relax – Nerves are completely understandable and show that you care about making the right impression, but try to relax and enjoy your date. Keep your body language open –Open body language means making eye contact, facing your date and not crossing your arms. Don’t come on too strong – A first date is the time to get to know each other in a fun way. Suggest meeting up again soon – After saying how much you enjoyed your date, why not say “we should do this again”. HAHA just kidding, but unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that we’ve got the wind at your back with these reports. Also, if you’re a regular reader, you prob­a­bly know from first­hand expe­ri­ence how using all the tech­niques together can make women go some­what crazy over you. Also, people tend to value things they had to work very hard to get much more than things that came easily to them.
This thus increases your value, and since it is rare that men do this, you are a rare find.
Think about hobbies that your date has mentioned in their dating profile and talk about the ones that you both share. Don’t talk about how you’re desperate to get married and have children or how you think they will change your life.
In this case, by making a woman work hard to meet your expec­ta­tions to get or keep you, she values much more than the guy who just falls for her with no effort on her part. Because I really never enjoy people who are closed to new ideas and trying new things.” This expec­ta­tion says all the right things. Even if a woman con­sid­ers herself to be not so adven­tur­ous, she is still likely to try to be more adven­tur­ous around you.

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