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We’ll learn more about The Taken King at E3, coming up real soon, and PlanetDestiny will be there live to report all the latest! According to the leak, the release date will be on September 15th and at an increased price of $40.
With the caveat that this information is subject to change, it appears that there will be 3 new subclasses in this upcoming expansion. Hunters will finally have access to the Void element, in the form of a “Gravity Bow” – a perfect Super for the new subclass.
With very little to go on, it will be interesting to see if the new subclasses have a playstyle focus that amounts to more than just killing enemies. Oryx himself is projected to be the raid boss, with the eponymous “Taken” serving as his new class of minions.
It’s unknown whether this army is just a different faction of the Hive or a completely new enemy altogether. The army could be comprised of all different types of enemies that have been “taken” control of, maybe with enhanced abilities? Among new PvP maps, Strikes, and what we’ve come to expect, we may just see some brand new features as well. The community wish list is not an indication of improvements coming with TTK, but hopefully Bungie will at least seriously consider a few of them. However, $40 is close to the price of many newer games, and Destiny’s liberal use of the word “expansion” until this point is now biting it in the butt. Because Destiny is a project bursting with ambition and massive in scope, it’s impossible to get anything done on a small-scale basis.
Unfortunately, that massive scope and reach has put Destiny’s more private details at risk for leaks at nearly every turn. Case in point: Destiny’s rumored standalone expansion, The Taken King, continues to build buzz despite Bungie not having said anything official. According to Kotaku’s document, Destiny: The Taken King will release this September and retail for $40.
Secondly, the leaked document claims that Destiny: The Taken King will include the usual bevy of new content. Apparently, the main foil of The Taken King will be Oryx, another Hive god, or rather the presumed king of the Hive gods.
And finally, those longstanding Destiny rumors are apparently true and The Taken King will add a new subclass for each Guardian type to the mix.
Prior rumors had suggested completely different subclass options of the three Destiny classes, but these make more sense in the grand scheme of things.
All in all, the leak seems fairly legitimate and aligns with prior assumptions about Destiny’s future content. Staff of medical aid organization Doctors without Borders carry the body of a person killed by viral haemorrhagic fever, at a center for victims of the Ebola virus in Guinea. This news comes just days after an announcement that the top Ebola doctor in Sierra Leone, Sheik Umar Khan, had been infected. And the virus — which starts off with flu-like symptoms and often ends with horrific hemorrhaging — had as of July 23 infected 1,201 people in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, and killed an estimated 672 since this winter, according to the numbers from the World Health Organization. First, this outbreak concerns the most deadly of the five Ebola viruses, Zaire ebolavirus, which has killed 79 percent of the people it has infected. These death rates were calculated by adding up the records of cases and deaths from all known outbreaks.
What's more, an NPR story suggests that people in these countries tend to travel more than those in Central Africa (where outbreaks usually occur). A World Health Organization assessment in Liberia noted problems with tracing patients' contacts with other people, "persisting denial and resistance in the community," and issues with "inadequate" measures used to prevent and control infections, weak data management, and "weak leadership and coordination," according to a statement released on July 19. In many ways, how well a country can deal with an Ebola outbreak comes down to basic health-care practices and public education. External bleeding can be one of the main symptoms that can help people realize they're dealing with a case of Ebola, since other signs — first fevers and headache, then vomiting and diarrhea — can be caused by any number of illnesses. What actually kills people is shock from multiple organ failure, including problems with the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system. One of the main things that seems to make Ebola viruses especially deadly is that they seem to be able to evade much of the human immune system. Scientists are still figuring out exactly how this happens, and they have several promising leads. In order to get Ebola, someone must touch the blood or bodily fluids (including sweat, urine, and semen) of a person or animal who's infected (alive or dead).
A view of gloves and boots used by medical staff, drying in the sun, at a center for victims of the Ebola virus in Guinea.
The Ebola viruses known today don't spread from person-to-person well enough to have much risk of causing a wide pandemic across several continents.
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In order to provide our users with a better overall experience, we ask for more information from Facebook when using it to login so that we can learn more about our audience and provide you with the best possible experience. Destiny: The Taken King release date has been leaked online ahead of any official announcement from Bungie. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! Find the Date When Satellite Images on Google Maps Were Taken Tech Guides About Us Work 26 Jun 2012 Find the Exact Date When a Google Maps Image was Taken How to find out the exact date when satellite images and street view images of a particular location were taken by Google cameras. One thing that became glaringly obvious to me when I started working in investment banking and was on the other side of the job interview process: it is truly hard to believe how many mediocre resumes there are out there.
Resumes are typically submitted through the investment banka€™s career website and filtered down to Human Resources (HR).
If you are from a a€?core schoola€? then the alumni team from your school at the bank will typically review your resume; these are generally analysts or associates. So how do you construct a resume that stands out from the crowd without breaking a€?the rulesa€?? These are both critical for an investment banking resume especially during the early years. Filtered through data and assumptions, and identified reasonable responses to complex problems?

Performed experiments that required formulation of a hypothesis and collection of evidence to support or reject it? Firms want to know whether you have the initiative, motivation, and energy to deliver strong results.
Attended to important details while also juggling multiple tasks (that is, you didna€™t let things fall through the cracks even when you have a lot going on)?
The ability to write and speak efficiently and effectively suggests that youa€™ll be successful working with clients and colleagues. Used communication skills to resolve a difficult problem with a client, supplier, or colleague?
Highlight finance industry-specific knowledge and experience and, where applicable, target the relevant groups inside the bank.
Another option, if feasible for you, is to get an internship, even if it means getting an unpaid one.
You might have seen thousands of investment banking resume examples, but only one will work for Wall Street.
At Street of Walls we have seen thousands of resumes come in the door, and without the right resume, it doesna€™t matter how smart or hard working you are, you wona€™t get a seat for an interview. The new Titan Super appears to feature a flaming hammer, and the Warlock Super looks like an a deadly Arc storm that cements the Wizard of Destiny’s mastery of the elements. Defender Titans and Bladedancer Hunters have utility outside of simple damage, and additional RPG roles such as a heal-friendly Cleric, a DoT-applying Mage would go a long way toward diversifying strategy for new content as Destiny moves forward.
But with that out of the way, we’re beyond excited to see what Bungie has in store for us at E3.
Does $40 seem like something you’d be willing to part with for the chance to play what might be the best expansion Destiny will ever offer? Change one thing in the game for PvP, for example, and there has to be some consideration paid towards PvE at the same time.
Not a single element of Destiny’s gameplay, content, or even its marketing has skated by without at least one leak.
First there was a logo trademark, then Red Bull spilled the beans, and now Kotaku has got its hands on some new details about Destiny’s expansion that are sure to excite the community.
That in itself is not too far-fetched considering Destiny proper launched in September 2014.
More specifically, The Taken King will add new story missions, new strikes, and new gear into the mix.
According to Destiny lore, Oryx is the father of Crota (he of the Crota’s End raid) and is the leader of a Hive group called ‘The Taken’. Giving each class a subclass of each elemental type is extremely important, especially for future Nightfall Strikes. Moreover, there’s nothing out of the ordinary on the docket, so those hoping Destiny might introduce something radically different for Year 2 are likely out of luck. And now the Liberian government has confirmed that a senior doctor working to fight the disease, Samuel Brisbane, has died, the Associated Press reports.
Kent Brantly, a 33-year-old working for American aid organization Samaritan's Purse, has been treated and is in stable condition, according to USA Today. It's now hit four countries: Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia have been joined by Nigeria, which this week saw its first case, after an infected Liberian man flew to the Nigerian city of Lagos, which is also Africa's largest city. Since the first outbreak in 1976, Ebola viruses have infected thousands of people and killed about one-third of them. Not every case or death always gets officially recorded, so there is always some wiggle room in numbers like these. Every once in a while, the disease spills over into humans, often when someone handles or eats undercooked or raw meat from a diseased ape, monkey, or bat.
Individual outbreaks can vary, and Zaire ebolavirus is often cited as having death rates up to 90 percent. That may have helped the virus disperse geographically, and it made it difficult to track down people who might be infected.
Another often-cited problem is that some people have had direct contact with victims' dead bodies during funerals and preparations for burial, which can spread the disease. With enough resources poured into the effort, people should be able to contain this outbreak. For example, this study of a 1995 outbreak found external bleeding in 41 percent of cases.
Among other problems, white blood cells from the immune system are often seen to die off in patients. One is that the virus is making proteins that act as decoys, interfering with the body's ability to fight back.
People can also catch it through indirect contact with victims' fluids, such as via bedding or medical equipment. For example, researchers are working to find drugs, including a recent $50 million push at the National Institutes of Health. This article was updated on July 27 to include news on Brisbane's death and Brantly contracting the virus. We do not store specific user data and the sharing of it is not required to login with Facebook. You should be able to play Destiny’s major expansion, the Taken King, on September 15 this year.
This is a terrible situation for the job seekers in this position, because having a good resume is a key factor in whether many candidates even get a first-round interview. If you are applying for an associate position then investment banking associates and above will be checking over the resumes (analysts will not be involved). If they see anything unusual about it (poor formatting, unorthodox layout, a typo, a grammatical error, etc.), it will be very hard to recover from that quick initial impression no matter how talented you are, and no matter how good your experience is.
Most people think they have a good resume, and many do, but investment banking recruiters are looking for a very particular style. Start tracking and measuring your achievements and specific situations that demonstrate these skills and qualities.
This is especially critical for liberal arts majors that don’t have course requirements in finance. Leta€™s face ita€”half of the resumes in the pile are going to be from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Wharton, or Stanford.

The key for such candidates is to find relevant interests that are not listed as part of a job that they held, and that would be of interest to a hiring manager or a prospective colleague. If you really dona€™t have any relevant work experience, start positioning yourself so that you can still claim some. Most people think they have a good resume, and many do, but Wall Street recruiters are looking for a very particular resume style.
You can also go wrong by providing insufficient explanations of your experience thus fara€”inaccurate descriptions, vague phrasing, too much boilerplate text and not enough substance. We feel that if you follow these guidelines, you will have an Investment Banking resume that you will be proud of and will help get you in the door to your new career. In those terms, if you were pleased to pay for the chance to continue your Guardian’s adventure, The Taken King should appeal to you. In essence, Destiny is a collaborative effort that requires the whole of Bungie’s staff, in addition to marketing and PR teams. And with Bungie’s plans for 2015 still unofficial, we don’t expect that to change any time soon. Not to mention, the introduction of Etheric Light added the ‘Destiny Year 1’ terminology into the mix, making The Taken King the first part of Destiny Year 2. And most importantly, Destiny players will finally see the introduction of a third raid with The Taken King. Sounds intriguing enough, but we’re sure there will be some Destiny players disappointed that The Taken King doesn’t feature Cabal as its primary enemy. Still, we’ll reserve any judgment until Activision and Bungie make their plans official, which most believe will be at E3 2015. There are also fears the disease has spread to the country of Togo, where that man's flight had a stopover.
It was also corrected on July 28 — originally, Brantly's name was listed as Keith, not Kent, as a result of an update written by Danielle Kurtzleben. That’s according to some leaked promotion material obtained by Kotaku anyway, which the site has been able to corroborate with other sources.
If you have applied for an internship or analyst-level positions, investment banking analysts will be in charge of reviewing your resume. Without the right resume, it doesna€™t matter how talented, hard-working, or experienced you are: you wona€™t get in the door. But distinguishing yourself quickly is even more important when you are in the investment banking job hunt, because ita€™s the bankersa€”not HRa€”who are usually reading the resumes, and the bankersa€™ time is extremely limited. You cana€™t say you worked as a cashier at Blockbuster and as a result claim to be a media expert!) Make sure you can back up what you saya€”if you are going to claim to be an expert in something, you need to have real industry knowledge. Just make sure that these interests are indeed relevant and not too a€?fluffy.a€? For example, you could highlight specific case studies that you worked on in college, if they are relevant to investment banking. Investment banking has a strongly conservative cultural and professional heritage, and if you want to work in that field, you should adapt your resume accordingly.
Do not forget this or try to bend the framework if you are serious about working in the field. Of the Destiny enemy types, only the Cabal have yet to feature as part of a meaningful piece of new content. Not only did the marketing sheet reveal the release date for The Taken King, it also details the existence of a new subclass for all the current Destiny classes. Maps & Windows LiveA Little-Known Feature of SnagIt Curious to know the exact date when Google cameras captured those aerial and street view photographs of your home (or any other address)? The bundled resumes will be looked at quickly individually, and recommendations will be made on who they feel is qualified for interviews. They work grueling hours with tons of items on their to-do lists, so they will be very precise and efficient at sizing up your resume. For example, if you interned for a pharmaceutical company conducting research on new products in the pipeline, then it is reasonable to claim that you have industry-insider level experience in pharmaceuticals, because the drug pipeline is the number one source of shareholder value in that industry. In other words, become a a€?consultanta€? of sortsa€”amateur or collegiate investing clubs, helping your father plan his taxes or retirement account, working for a college business teama€”is there someone who needs your expertise or help?
Whether you are a college student looking to break into investment banking, or already a banking analyst, it is critical that your resume matches the expected format. Individuals that find a way to get things done and people that can handle the pressure-filled environment of the job. Traditional wisdom says that you have only 20-30 seconds to make an impression when HR reads your resumea€”you can easily cut that time in half for bankers! For example, if you started a company with multiple employees, make sure that is obvious from a quick first read.
For example, dona€™t claim that because you were the treasurer of your fraternity or a cashier at Walmart, you are experienced with handling money. But it also looks like The Taken King will come with a raid that pits players against Oryx, the father of Crota. Dona€™t use anything thata€™s too much of a stretch unless it is really unusual and impressive. He’s pretty grumpy because you killed his kid during the raid of the first Destiny EP – The Dark Below. Destiny’s second EP House of Wolves didn’t bring with it any new raids, but fans seem to think there’s enough to justify the omission.
That release date tallies well with the year anniversary for Destiny, which was launched on September 9, 2015. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.
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