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OverviewTony Stark, after being captured by, and escaping from, terrorists in Afghanistan, sets himself towards creating a new powered suit. OverviewThe sequel Iron Man 2 made sure audiences didn’t see that first film as a fluke.
Ce volume 2 de la serie de dessin-anime Iron Man vous propose 12 nouveaux episodes (du n°15 a 26). Iron man 1920x1080 wallpapers - full hd wallpaper search, Iron man 1920x1080 wallpapers - iron man desktop wallpapers - 849 1920x1080 wallpapers.

Plus de 5 heures d'images dans lesquelles ont retrouve l'adolescent Tony Stark aux prises avec de nombreux criminels.
The source of power for the armor is a new power generator that is also helping keep Stark alive.
Son but est de preserver le monde de ces tyrans grace a l'armure qu'il s'est cree et qui lui permet d'acceder a divers pouvoirs speciaux. Obadiah Stone, his business partner reveals to Stark he is attempting to shut him out of the company and has been secretly selling weapons to terrorists.

With Stark outing himself as Iron Man, it’s not going to be a matter of walking up and slapping his face.
James 'Rhodey' Rhodes and donning one of Stark’s suits, we double the pleasure with the introduction of Iron Machine.

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