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Taking 17 college credits, 3 part time jobs, friends, a boyfriend and 3 meals to cook every day, this celiac is all about quick snacks to satisfy my afternoon cravings. Chewy dates, gooey bananas, and crunchy nuts and seeds combine to form a healthy snack to power through the day. This recipe is customizable to one's food preferences, yet the dates serve a myriad of purposes. I’m thinking about making these and adding some spices… anything you might recommend? I have been seeing these "crazy milkshakes" everywhere recently and thought they were so cute but insanely unhealthily. I’ve been going through my Pinterest boards this week and trying to finally get around to making some of the temptations that I saved there. In the midst of the Whole30 challenge I was in search of a healthy alternative to the classic football appetizer.
Banana-Maple Oatmeal Cookies: Despite containing no white flour or sugar, these banana-powered cookies were one of the most popular recipes on the blog this year. Baked Spring Rolls and Low-Fat Lo Mein: Despite having difficulty rolling the spring rolls in my too-old, dried out wrappers, I managed to pull off two good dishes, thanks to the encouragement of my family, who devoured them both in record time.
Banana-Cashew Balls: Inspiration hit me and I decided to dry bananas in my microwave, and their chewy consistency and concentration of banana flavor transformed these snacks into little bites of bliss. Curried Eggplant, Lentil, and Quinoa Burgers with Onion-Pepper Relish: Of all the recipes I created this year, these unique burgers are probably my favorite.
Ridiculously Easy Lentil and Vegetable Stew: Canned pumpkin adds richness and a hint of flavor to this Spanish-influenced stew.
Chocolate-Blueberry Cake: The other hugely popular recipe from 2010, this dense, brownie-like cake was tasty but not as moist or tender as my other chocolate cakes. Apple-Cranberry Strudel Pie: Working with phyllo dough scares some people, so I tried to make it easier with step-by-step photos and a diagram of the layers of this pie. Susan you mentioned all the recipes I loved in 2010 and I would like to add Asparagus and Chickpea Casserole. I LOVED the Creole Black-eyed Peas, the Mushroom Lentil Wild Rice Timbales with mushroom gravy, Double-layered pumpkin cheesecake, and the Tomato Soup with Roasted Garlic and Seasonal Herbs. What a fun post (and I love how you did the title for it!) I really enjoyed seeing what your favorite recipes from the past year were, as well as reading those of some of your readers. My husband can never, ever get enough curry, and we had a chickpea curry dish for dinner last night. I’ve had your meatless loaf recipe on my radar since you posted it, and have no intention of waiting till next Thanksgiving (or even till next fall) to make it! I do most of my cooking on Sunday, stocking the refrigerator for the workweek by whipping up a hearty soup, a curry, and maybe a batch of whole-wheat pita bread or almond cheeze.
I enjoyed reading this post, and remembering these recipes, some of which were my favorites, too! Being the blueberry muffin lover that I am am, I would choose the blueberry b-fast cake as my favorite of them all! Have just recently found your site and am absolutely blown away by the standard and range of your recipes. I found your site last summer when I was looking for a funky, healthier cake version for my boyfriend, and have randomly made some recipes ever since. This week I was lucky enough to get my hands on Californian Medjool Dates, which are unlike any other because of the quality of growth in the Californian sunshine – around 270 sunny days per year! Californian Medjool Dates are available loose in the fresh produce section of your local supermarket. Naturally the best dates need the best recipes, so I dug around the nzgirl archives and, to be honest, found it hard to narrow it down to just 10 recipes.
8. Coconut Dream Pie – This pie is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, cane sugar free and tastes as good as it looks!

Win the fabulous Bluebells Cakery cookbook PLUS the life-changing The Unbakery recipe book! Thanks to Californian Medjool Dates for sharing your dates with us to make this post possible! Try these home-made chewy sesame and dark chocolate muesli bars for a healthy, gluten-free snack created by Courtney Roulston, MasterChef Australia Series 2 contestant. Lusciously decadent bars of soft fruit and crunchy nuts to give you the energy you need to power through the day. These easy low-cal, gluten-free bliss bites are perfect to curb those sweet cravings this summer! These little round bites of pureed dried fruits, nuts and seeds, are great with coffee or as a high-energy snack.
Packed with the goodness of dried apricots, these delicious muesli snacks make a fabulous mid morning treat.
An easy gluten-free slice packed with the goodness of quinoa, raw cacao and studded with raspberries. Professional Chef and Personal Trainer Alexa Rahme answers frequently asked questions to help optimise your workouts. We want to reward you for your awesomeness and say a big, fat thank you for interacting on PRIMPED. I’ve been buying Frooze Balls several times a week now from my local health shop (Wise Cicada in Newmarket) and they are delightful.
I think next batch I’ll experiment a bit more with some Goji berries (you can buy them from the bulk bins at New World!) and seeds too.
Not only are they a great sugar alternative, but they can help alleviate constipation, heart problems, anemia, diarrhea and intestinal disorders. After the dates are squishy to the touch, take out the pits (if necessary) and place them in a Nutribullet or blender. To make your bliss balls even fancier, try rolling them in extra toppings after molding them into a sphere with your hands.
I’ll often play around with adding nutmeg sometimes too or pumpkin spice if it’s Fall! I wanted to decrease the sugar amount so I reduced the dates to 7 and increased the nut butter to 2 tablespoons. I’m the type of person that makes something new, loves it, and then has it every day until I get completely sick of it.
Though not the most attractive oil-alternative, roasted eggplant contributes a hint of smoky flavor without overwhelming the other ingredients and makes a sauce whose consistency is more like traditional pesto than any of my other versions. I may have made it seem more complicated than it is because, trust me, you can make this light and delicious dessert! All comments are read and appreciated, and if you have a question, I will try to respond within a couple days. I will be trying these all as I have been looking for recipes for my new vegetarian diet this last year and am glad I found your site! I’ve just added from your list to my already bulging recipe box feature… I hope that thing is made of heavy duty steel with strong rivets! So our answer to your rhetorical question is a resounding “No!” I jumped onto your curry recipes right away, and those curried chickpea and quinoa lettuce wraps absolutely have me salivating!
I use your Asparagus and Chickpea casserole recipe all the time and it inspired some yummy variations in our house too.
Every couple of weeks, I also make two logs of veggeroni – one for sharing on Sunday and another for weekday meals. I had forgotten about the black eyed pea masala, which I liked so much that I made a few times last winter. Thanks for the reminder (and all the other ideas), I’ve just made it for supper again and my stomach is very happy after a few days of not having been.

These dates are large, dark golden in colour, super soft and juicier than normal dates you may have tried. My tip after trying a few of these dates, is to cut them up and pop them in a container with nuts to enjoy during the day. Are you having trouble tracking down healthy alternatives to a vending machine chocolate bar?
Seriously, all wrapped in paper and tied with twine, I wish I could reach into the screen and just eat them all! It’s also good idea to squeeze the dates as you put them in to check there are no date pips in hiding in them). I recently discovered that spirulina powder is delicious when mixed into the base recipe while pureed strawberries creates a perfectly tart, pink treat! I love separating the batter into several bowls so I can make different flavored bliss balls in one batch. After they’ve set (around 20 minutes), you can either keep in the freezer or in the fridge for a chilled treat that stays good for weeks! I wrote a blog post a while abck all about spirulina’s health benefits and ways to use it. I decided to add chocolate chips, because I love the combination of banana and chocolate, and they were just delicious.
Even when I used to eat the occasional piece of cake or splurge on a cupcake, I would take 90% of the frosting off and throw it away.
Because every time, I try one, I love it and it becomes my goto dish for the next three months.
I like it cubed and mixed into split pea soup or sliced into a pita sandwich with almond cheeze and tomato sauce. They’re also packed full of vitamins A, C and K and minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc that our bodies crave. It’s all here PLUS a cheeky little winter warmer that you can enjoy when the weather cools!
This great reward will go to the most active Primpers from now until the end of May 25th 2016.
The recipe made about 40 generously sized balls for me so I froze most of them and they are a delight even straight from the freezer.
The ratio of dates, bananas, flour and nut butter isn’t an exact science, so feel free to add more or less of the ingredients until the batter is sticky and moist, but not overly wet. Some of my favorite combinations are acai powder with blueberries, sunflower seeds and vanilla, and cacao powder with mint extract, pomegranate seeds, hemp seeds and puffed rice. Great for a snack or dessert, and I love that they are flavored with only natural sugar sources! My favorite has been the tofu with lower-fat peanut sauce, but everything has been soooo delicious! I freeze it in an ice cube tray and then use the cubes as needed because I’m single and can only eat so much at once! And see how to WIN below so you can make even more amazing recipes using Californian Medjool Dates. Regularly moisturise skin with an ultra nourishing coconut body creme which uses organic virgin coconut oil as the main ingredient.

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