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A man with a beard though look a bit rugged but this is what makes him more attractive to a woman.
2.A man with a beard generates alpha status and lets a woman know that he can be a good protector. 8.Just as a cat’s eye is different than an everyday look, a man’s beard can be styled a dozen different ways.
9.Growing a beard takes patience, which means that bearded men are not impetuous or hotheaded but tend to be more cool and calm when it comes to making decisions. 10.They look strong, with the way they evoke the sense that they can punch a hole in a wall or uproot a tree with their bare hands.
20.Beards are a visual reminder you are not accidentally sleeping with a child, and who doesn’t like that? 21.For a woman ready to have a family, a beard might stand for a man who is hormonally ready to make babies.
31.From a gentle tickle to an aggressive rub, men with beards have a distinct advantage when it comes to pleasing a woman. 38.Bearded men love whisky, know all the best hangouts, and will take you along for the ride.
Using conditioner on your beard is the difference between a significant other who tolerates your beard and a significant other who loves it. Ah, the golden rule of beard-having and dating: if you have a beard at the beginning of the relationship, you get to keep it forever and ever, if you so choose!

Fictional characters like Wolverine from the X-men series have fascinated women since years.
And in the middle ages, touching the beard of a man often landed up people being held for misconduct.
They cherish the sports and like to indulge in energetic activities like camping, running, hunting, etc.
This shows a bearded man has his own beauty routines, which means he would also be concerned about your looks.
There are special beard shampoos and conditioners out there, but I imagine your regular ones will probably do just fine. Few years ago, there was a time when men were expected to be clean shaved, but recently the beard has resurrected from the past. These celebrities with a well-grown beard have proved that a little facial hair can bring a lot of difference in a man’s personality.
In today’s world, men use a beard to define masculinity, strength, prestige and self-esteem.
Growing a beard symbolically represents that a man is manly enough to take care of the family. If a man has a well-defined beard this means that he is cool and calm enough to let the hair grown on his face slowly and in a particular pattern. A man with a beard looks mature enough to carry the perception of wisdom and consideration like their father.

Even science has it that beard blocks out the sun’s harmful rays and keeps him baby-faced underneath all the fuzz.
Teenaged boys and men all around the world are now using facial hair to enhance their masculinity, which has brought these fantabulous 9 reasons to date a man with a beard. Since being a man, they can’t wear makeup, the beard adds cosmetic beauty to their face and personality. That’s why men with a beard have a distinctive advantage when it comes to pleasing a woman. A man with well-groomed beard creates an air of alpha male among others and makes a woman feel that she’s safe with the good protector. A recent research made a revelation that women like the bearded look of their man more than their clean-shaven looks. So enjoy the quality time with your man, enjoying the camping or other outdoor activities, and you’ll also feel protected by his masculine personality. Unless you genuinely don’t care whether you’re ever kissed again, in which case scratchy, bristly and unconditioned is fine.

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