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General Marketplace For 2+2ers who have general products or services they wish to buy or sell.
After a narrow victory in 1994, Boston Bruins defenseman Al Iafrate was asked why, in the closing moments of the game, he had fired the puck around the boards rather than into the empty net. BJB is just trying to see what the OP wants for it in cash, the OP didn't mention that he is not accepting cash offers. BJB, no need to take shots at nickerjones' website, he's just chiming in that he dislikes you as well but at least he's not going on for multiple posts about it. The whole point of the classifieds section is to help out other fellow hockey players with some good equipment at good prices.
At this point I'm assuming that portland is here to troll, as every response of his is just name calling rather than making a point.

I've learned it's not helping things by posting in other threads about rules and what not and will stop doing it. Well up for sale I have my used in two practices custom (which would take months of waiting right now) Nike bauer one95 goalie pads they are NHL legal and are 35+1.
This site would run a lot smoother if people would just PM the individual, and say, hey how much would you be willing to sell the stick for, if you are interested in buying it. I love it and have bought several hundred dollars worth of stuff here which would have cost me over a grand in stores.
Hopefully someone will step in from the iw team or will choose someone to clean this board up. I appreciate your message ;) Maybe the Mods will take notice of this and make it more clear.

Is JR an asshole for suspending your ******** account for a week or two for repeatedly posting a link to your website?
You should learn proper english and grammar too if you want to try to clearly make a point of yours understandable because thus far, you've only shown your uneducated side. I haven't read a single productive post from this kid, that wasn't coated in sarcasm and some delusional superiority complex.

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