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When the pain occurs during menstruation, it usually means that the womb itself is inflammed.
The treatment for amenorrhoea should be directed towards the rectification of the disease-condition responsible for causing the trouble in the first place. A further short period on all -fruit , say two or three consecutive days can be undertaken at monthly intervals, according to the need of the case. Safflower seeds have also been found to be beneficial in the treatment of painful menstruation. Other treatment for the PMS include regular cold hip baths for 10 to 15 minutes twice a day. Menopause may be considered an end to womena€™s fertility but certainly not to her virility.
Of late, it has become popular to take estrogen to prevent or postpone menopausal symptoms. A whole new life is given to her, if she is wise enough to prepare for it and accept it as such. As in the case case of pregnancy, diet plays an important role in the recoupment after childbirth. At the age of one year, a baby should be given about a litre of milk with fruit juices daily. Causes: One of the most important cause of habitual abortion is a congenital malformation of the uterus. Description: Sterility in case of the female refers to the incapacity to conceive and give birth to a living baby. Causes: Sterility in a female may be due to physical defects, physical debility and functional faults. Fasting is the best remedy for the treatment of disorders resulting from toxins in the system. Upon rising: A glass of lukewarm water with a juice of half a lemon and a spoonful of honey. Breakfast: Fresh fruits like apple, orange, banana, grapes and grapefruit and a glass of milk.
Description: Leucorrhoea, commonly known as whites, refers to a whitish discharge from the female genitals. Symptoms: In addition to the whitish discharge from the vagina, the patient feels weak and tired. The uterus is a hollow, pear-shaped muscular organ, situated in a bonny frame called the pelvis.
The inflammation which may affect the lining membrane of the uterus is called endometritis. Description: Prolapse of the uterus refers to the downward displacement of the vagina and uterus. Treatment: Treatment of displaced womb must consist mainly of a suitable diet and exercise. The patient should also perform other exercises aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles.
Treatment: Maintenance of hygienic conditions is the most important factor in the treatment of vaginitis.
A cold douche on the perennial region for 10 to 15 minutes twice a day helps reduce vaginitis.
After recovery, it is essential to adopt correct eating habits and hygienic living conditions.
Causes: One of the main causes of pruritus vulvae is purulent and mucopurulent vaginal discharge. Fasting helps relieve the toxic conditions not in just the affected region but also the entire body. Somnambulism or sleep-walking and catalepsy, where limbs remain in any position in which they are placed, are other hysterical states. On the mental plane, the patient should be taught self-control and educated in positive thinking. Are you plagued by head pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, back pain, period pain, leg pain, feet pain and other types of pain? These are some of the best non-invasive pain elimination systems out there that have been proven to produce real results without the side effects of post-operative pain or medications. Fibromyalgia is a common syndrome in which a person has long-term, body-wide pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Get fast results using proven, scientific techniques to relieve neck, shoulders and back pain in only 7 seconds.
Explains how to recondition your bodies by using techniques that only take a couple of seconds to learn, but they will quickly start reducing your pain within the first couple of minutes, and gradually remove the pain as your body starts correcting itself from years of misuse and abuse. Includes 10 videos that show you easily what to do for pain relief and a Follow-Up Advanced Program designed for you once you are ready to go beyond just relieving your pain.
For sufferers of chronic pain for months and seeking a permanent cure, using an easy to follow, step-by-step guide with a built-in workbook that can reduce or completely eliminate your chronic pain within a very short period of time. Includes a 2 free bonuses including a 14-minute MP3 that will guide you through one of the most helpful exercises included in this eBook, and a 25-minute MP3 that will help you to reach a state of mind required to relieve the stress and worry that contribute to your pain. Learn how to banish your arthritis condition naturally from the comfort and privacy of your own home in one month, without any of the harsh prescription drugs, over-the-counter products, or strict diets in just one month. This natural method also addresses gastrointestinal tract problems such as bacterial and fungal infection which can trigger an inappropriate Immune system response, resulting in painful & swollen joints. This is a self-treatment process which borrows it's formulation directly from tried and tested, facts as well as age old remedies.

Peripheral neuropathy is damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system, which may be caused either by diseases of or trauma to the nerve or the side-effects of systemic illness.
The UNBREAKABLE Body System describes an entire system that has given total physical relief from all types of pain, dysfunction, and physical problems.
Program includes easy to follow steps on what to do at home, identify the foods that are good for you, exercises that you can do, and healthy and great tasting recipes. Definitive guide to Tom Bowena€™s original work with detailed description of the original methods he created for treating pain.
Banish Foot Pain Once And For All shows you how the 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 20 muscles work together to keep you balanced and mobile as they take an average 8,000 steps each day.
An Athlete's Guide to Chronic Knee Pain comes in two parts a€“ the first part discusses the overriding philosophy and lays the foundation with an eight week rehabilitation program that focuses on building endurance of select athletic musculature. 10-Minute Sciatica Relief is a treatment program using a combination of techniques that is completely natural to eliminate 100% of your sciatica and piriformis pain.
Cure Your Sciatica shows you how feel complete relief from sciatica pain with just a few minutes a day. Pilates teaches you the back and joint exercises have been found to be most beneficial in relieving back and joint pain from activities of daily living, or even from degenerative conditions in the spine and from arthritis. The Amazing Back Pain Cure includes manuals and videos describing exercises, techniques, activities and tests to do eliminate your back pain.
Back Pain Alleviation teaches you about back pain relief and how you can virtually become back pain free from the comfort of your own home and the exact methods to help you alleviate the pain. Bulletproof Back describes the shows you the factors that contribute to back pain and how how toA  free yourself from back pain.
Back Pain Relief Secrets describes the very best treatment for sciatica, neck pain, and back pain, plus tips and advice on how to stop sciatica, back pain, or neck pain quickly, easily, and safely following a simple 4 Step Formula.
7 Secrets of Back Pain shows you how to get instant back pain relief by using the three most effective techniques for getting instant back pain relief.
Back Pain Can Be Fixed shows you how to cure back & sciatica pain naturally with step by step instructions on how to re-educate your body to sit, stand, walk and sleep to give you maximum support and comfort. The X-Pain Method shows you how the 3 laws a€“ the Law of Healing, the Law of Habit, and the Law of Increase,A  will help you end your back pain. Back Pain Relief4Life program claims to be the simplest and most effective natural method for achieving real back pain relief.
The Low Back Solution system includes a comprehensive sequence of 18 easy-to-follow videos that provide over 8 hours of explanation and instruction, together with a 67-page manual where containing the philosophy and knowledge behind the therapeutic exercise model. Piriformis Syndrome Crusher shows you how to eliminate your back pain without drugs or expensive surgeries. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disorder that leads to abdominal pain and cramping, changes in bowel movements, and other symptoms. The Ultimate Frozen Shoulder Therapy Guide is a low pain exercise program that is designed to have your shoulder feeling loose and pain free quickly and easily.
Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free claims to put an end to your shoulder pain using an easy to follow, proven step by step 15 minute a day at home exercise program that will give you a natural way to relieve your shoulder pain within the next 7 days. The Ultimate Rotator Cuff Training Guide claims to be the most comprehensive manual available and describes the shoulder strengthening, pain erasing techniques that can be used to unlock a strong, supple, and pain free shoulder in just six weeks. Shoulder Pain No More is a guide covering pain relief for rotator cuff tears and strains, tendonitis, muscle strains, tears and imbalances, shoulder impingement, bursitis, adhesive capsulitis, post- surgical rehabilitation and general loss of shoulder strength. The Painless Childbirth Program is based on self-hypnosis and it teaches you to be totally relaxed during the labor and delivery. Tennis Elbow Exercises shows you step by step easy to use and quick exercises you need to do to relieve to your tennis elbow pain. The Tennis Elbow Solution is a complete system to beat your tennis elbow in 30 days or less.A  Includes manuals and videos to getting rid of the pain.
Carpal Tunnel Secrets Unleashed claims to be the only treatment plan that's guaranteed to give you fast, easy, and permanent relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Carpal Tunnel And Wrist Pain Treatment In 3 Days is a detailed video course that walks you through exactly how to treat wrist pain within 3 days. With Carpal Tunnel No More, you'll learn how to fight carpal tunnel syndrome and the tools and tricks that work.
These are some of the systems to alleviate Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ syndrome.
TMJ No More teaches you how to cure your TMJ in as little as 2 months, gain dramatic relief in less than 12 hours, banish your TMJ symptoms, stop the constant pain and pressure In your mouth, chin and jaw area and restore your energy levels and improve the quality of your life. TMJ Help Program is a unique natural treatment that will show you step-by-step how to get rid of TMJ for good. The book reveals a home based TMJ pain relief solution system which utilizes no drugs and no surgery. The Migraine Relief System comprises of 3 pillars needed to face the problem and reverse migraines.
Menstrual Cramps Cure claims to be the only holistic system that will show you how to permanently cure your severe menstrual cramps, eliminate stress and pain through your monthly period suing a unique step by step method. Learn what period pain is and the various things that cause it, PMS and the reason it can make your life such a misery, and why certain foods can make your period pains much worse as well as some foods that have a calming effect. Describes natural treatments A for menstrual cramps A from knowledge gained over many years and passed down over many generations. This will heal and strengthen the parts and help greatly in preventing any further disorders in the female reproductive system. Includes general body pain elimination systems, treatments for arthritis, and neuropathy therapies and fibromyalgia treatments.
Includes 10-week Corrective Exercise program, 16-week Full-Body Strength and Muscle Building program, 10-week Plug-in corrective exercise plans, nutrition guidelines, fat loss programs, A and a body recovery guide.

Tom Bowena€™s therapy is simply the most efficient & fast-acting system for physical therapy known.
Pain in the joints or muscles suffered by Gout patients are because of the crystallization of uric acid that formed inside the synovial fluid in the joints. The second part teaches you how to use the newly developed endurance in strength, power, and explosive athletic movements, and is full of linked up videos to help you learn. This treatment program is based on advanced orthopedic breakthroughs made simple for everyone to apply. You can perform the exercises in the comfort of your home, saving you travel time and costs. Get the facts about Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Treatment, Decompression Treatment, Physiotherapy and Surgery. Contains 16 easy flexibility, muscular balance, core function and postural tests that will show you what you need to work on to get your body back in balance. Free online support for 90 days and lifetime subscription to all new research and updates to the program. Guts to Glory claims to give you data 24-hour IBS relief, greater intestinal absorption, healthier gut flora, increase In overall health, permanent IBS healing in weeks, a positive outlook on life, and no more pain or embarrassment. Eliminate your shoulder pain and maintain long lasting strength and a high range of motion based on the collective knowledge of thousands of doctors and 12 Years of shoulder healing experience. Culmination of hundreds of hours of research, and the expertise of dozens of leading medical and sports professionals worldwide. A The techniques in this program teach you how to not only relax but control your feelings, including pain.
Simply take just 5 minutes every other day to follow this blueprint, fail-proof formula using easy to follow, step-by-step techniques, see immediate results in less than 72 hours .
Step-by-step guide on what you need to do - the special message, what specific parts of your arm to manipulate, the exercise, and the post-pain treatment. Teaches A you how to treat TMJ the holistic way and offers tips on everything that will help you eliminate TMJ: exercises, diet, massages, the dos and don'ts and the implementation of the all-natural remedies.
Describes foods that will increase your brain power, simple ways to help get your ideas and thoughts organized, tested and proven strategies to think clearer and use your brain effectively. Identify what type of TMJ you have, what exercises are appropriate for your unique TMJ pain, what exact order to do your specific exercises in, and perform the handful of easy exercises designed just for you. Take control now and learn how to stop your migraines and headaches with simple, natural and effective methods and techniques that can literally change your life, making migraines part of the past. Discover several popular medical treatments along with their possible side-effects, lots of safe, natural, drug- remedies for lasting and effective period pain relief, vitamins and minerals can play in helping reduce period pain and PMS, and the dozens of proven tips, techniques and ideas to help you overcome your period pain.
These remedies for period pain do not involve any pills or drugs, and can be easily followed and implemented.
Key is to provide nutrition through easy to digest nutrient rich food (mostly raw fruits and vegetables), cut calories and provide physical and mental rest so that body can focus on making repairs.
Learn of the fruits, supplements, methods and exercises that will eliminate the pain of arthritis.
Contains 52 pages of detailed descriptions for an additional 18 procedures of Tom Bowena€™s pain relief system.
Learn about the complications that can arise if your foot problem is left untreated, and how to avoid them.
Teaches you what muscle imbalances you have, the exercises, stretches, nutrition, and other techniques to correct these imbalances immediately, and how to stay pain free for the rest of your life.
Describes alternative treatments such as Hot Pack Therapy versus Cold Pack Therapy, Breathing Treatment, Acupuncture Treatment, Yoga Therapy, Herbal Medicine Therapy for Acute Back Pain and the 16 minute Back Pain Relief Miracle. 4 progressive Mobility and Developmental routines that will improve the way you move and wake up muscles that thought you forgot.
Utilizes a more holistic approach to curing pain by focusing not only on the Piriformis muscle itself, but also on the muscles surrounding it.
Includes stretching techniques to avoid shoulder pain and easy to follow 44 Page Shoulder Treatment Plan to relieve your shoulder quickly.
Packed with over 40 descriptions and pictures of detailed exercises and reveals 12 proven exercises.
If you learned nothing more than how to relax, your childbirth will be a lot less traumatic. These remedies have been shown to reduce and ease period pain, and in some cases, to stop period pain completely. We try and aid this process through some treatments to improve blood circulation in affected areas or using external forces to do things that body might be finding difficult to do in its current weakened state. We have here a list of all the pain remedies for all sorts of pain that you might be facing. Know what over-the-counter or prescriptions medications might be used to treat your pain and other symptoms.
Plantar Fasciitis Secrets Revealed claims to be the only treatment plan that's guaranteed to give you fast, easy, and permanent relief from plantar fasciitis and foot pain by following this blueprint, fail-proof formula using easy to follow, step-by-step techniques. It contains all the information you'll ever need to eliminate your TMJ permanently without drugs or surgery. Take steps to keep major foot problems from coming back with practical, common sense prevention tips.
Find out about the foods you must eliminate and over 25 delicious foods that soothe your back pain.

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