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Mini pages are characterized by swift and smooth transitions thus offering an enjoyable and aesthetic surfing experience.
If you’re still undecided about using Mini pages, here’s a little nugget that might rock the vote in their favor.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you position both logo and company’s name outside your mini page so that they’re visible from every page. Choosing skin: Once again, start with a basic skin before experimenting with the more unusual ones. Click ‘Edit Email’ on the bottom toolbar and add the email address you want to retrieve information sent via the form. Am opening this website for the charity organisation that i am planing to open which will be called magnificent foundation of hope.Am a person with a vision of reaching out to a troubled world. Promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas. Primary Image Ltd is a web design, print design and marketing agency, based in Southend (Essex) and London.
In Part Three in this series on creating a successful website, we look at tips to drive traffic into your website and increase your site’s popularity. Also check out the first two parts of this series, which was (1) how to plan your websiteA (including the websitea€™s structure, its navigation menus and how to create a good impression to your visitors) and (2) web design basics (includingA styling your site, writing content and adding special features). Admittedly SEO is much more complicated and in-depth than that and ita€™s a whole world in itself, so Ia€™d strongly recommend reading more about the subject and consulting an expert. Make sure youa€™re on Facebook (setup a business page), Twitter, LinkedIn (setup a company page) and, of course, the new entrant Google+.
Also add social sharing icons to your website, so that people can easily publish your content to their friends. See if you can start a viral campaign, such as coming up with a funny picture or offering a competition giveaway.
Whilst email newsletters might not seem as popular any more compared to social media, theya€™re still a very effective way of reaching people direct to their inbox. Keep email newsletters fairly short, as people dona€™t have time to be reading lots of content (especially as many people now read their emails on the move via their smartphones). Send newsletters at regular intervals, say at the start of each month, and use a consistent short subject line so recipients can recognise it amongst all their other daily emails, e.g. Find relevant online directories, either by sector or geographic location, but just pick the best ones.
If youa€™re active in online discussion forums, occasionally drop in your URL (but dona€™t go mad and self-publicise yourself too much a€“ make sure you make a valuable contribution to the community too!).
Find other related websites or blogs and see whether you can write a guest article for them.
Consider targeted online advertising, such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads (consult an expert on this though – so you get the best return for your investment!).
Ensure all your stationery and printed material contains your website address, especially business cards, flyers, compliment slips, etc. Send out some press releasesA with some genuinely exciting news about your company, or do some research about your industry sector (such as carrying out your own survey) and send the results to the trade press.
Get some custom t-shirts printed and promote your business as you walk around town, or wear at tradeshows, etc. Check your websitea€™s visitor statistics regularly and monitor how people are finding you, what search terms theya€™re using and what part of the country or world they’re in.
Finally, one of the best ways to keep people coming back to your website is to offer fresh and new content at regular intervals.
Don't miss out on our expert marketing news and tips!We send out a free email newsletter approx once per month. Get in touch!We're based in Westcliff-on-Sea (near Southend, Essex) and London, but we work with clients right across the UK. In this post we're going to create a background image parallax effect on your one page scrolling website with the help of jQuery and a little javascript magic. Structure is the way in which a website’s different parts are arranged or put together to form a whole.
You won’t have to worry about visitors being lost in a loop of clicks, of navigation not being intuitive enough or page transitions being too backward or too crude. Following these simple guidelines, you could set up a website which is user friendly, has excellent navigation, good speed – and yes, even style. What more, Mini pages lend you the option to play music uninterruptedly on different pages, create a drop down menu, and add animations or page turning transitions.
In order to have good ranking, you need Google and other search engines to crawl your flash website.
Let your vision grow out of a piece of paper and gradually evolve into a well structured website.
It consists of your workspace (inner) background and of your browser’s (external) background.
Adding Navigation Controls: Just like a Mini page needs to be connected to a menu in order to work, so does a gallery. Wix is a website builder thathas everything you need to build a fully-personalized, high-quality free website.

Also dona€™t try tricking a search engine, such as putting lots of text in thata€™s the same colour as the background (i.e.
Also be conscious that images may get blocked by the user’s email program, so ensure some of the email is created in plain text. Tell people you won’t spam or misuse their email addresses (remember many people are reluctant to give you access to their inbox!).
Why would a website that hasn’t been updated for a year or two be appealing to visitors? Stick a reminder in your diary every fortnight (or at most monthly) to write a new article, such as welcoming a new customer, announcing the launch of a new product, the launch of a special offer, or say what you’ve been so busy working on lately, etc.
It’s the foundation that supports your website, keeps it together and guarantees that all sections and subsections work in rhythm and in harmony.
And there’s another big bonus in having a well structured website – the freedom it gives you to update, change or modify it regularly without undermining its functionality or usability. In order for your website to be crawled and indexed you need to throw bait that the spiders are likely to swallow: an adequate and relevant amount of text. You might have great ideas but do not be tempted to rush your stream of consciousness into the editor. The menu is your external control center and needs to be placed outside the bounds of your Mini Page.
Click on your Mini Page > ‘Transitions’ and choose the desired effect or alternatively choose ‘None’.
However, even professional designers will normally choose the blank slide show to present their work.
Facebook was really starting to take off, MySpace was at its peak and Twitter was hardly known at all. Explain how often they can expect to receive an email and also show them a link to a sample newsletter. Ask yourself – would you want to receive the same kind of email yourself from somebody else? Sign-up for a free Google Analytics account and place the code on every page of your website.
Even comment boxes underneath your articles can help engage visitors and keep them coming back. You can think of it as your website’s central nervous system: a command center that coordinates and regulates all your website’s movements, transitions and actions. As our SEO expert Moran Matyash explains, “a website with no text will simply look empty to search engines. This comes from a design philosophy that maintains that ‘the photo is the art’ and that adding shapes to it is at best superfluous, and at worst plain vulgar. Fast forward to today and social media is now one of the most important ways to get people to your website. What has changed over time, however, is the chances of your email being seen, or whether it gets directed straight to the junk mail bin! Always use a double opt-in system, requiring people to explicitly confirm their subscription by responding to an initial email – this ensures the recipient is signing-up themselves. Make sure you have content in your website and that this content is informative in the sense that it will tell the search engine who you are and what your website is about. I wona€™t go into the detail here as, like SEO, ita€™s a huge area to cover, but ita€™s essential to have a good social media presence to promote your website. A pleasure to deal with and definitely recommended.Paul, Young Railway ProfessionalsThe flexibility, expertise and customer focus has been first class. Exceptional value for money.Christian Wolmar, writer & broadcasterPrimary Image have been incredibly helpful and creative in establishing my new website.
Don’t sweat it though, if you’re using Mini pages, you can spread your content throughout them, as Google sees them as a single page”. When you think of creating a website for yourself, you certainly want your content to reach out to the relevant traffic worldwide and a substantial role in it is played by website’s name because it is the identity and the foremost impression of your brand under which your product or service will be sold or shared. A large number of websites such as GoDaddy or BlueHost provide domain services at reasonable costs. You might have to try different names as the one you already have in mind may not be available.
This is a USP as there are few companies which provide you with such a wide variety of design solutions.Gav Enever, SX DiscoI couldn't be any happier with the service I got from Primary Image - they were a pleasure to work with.
They are always very easy to contact, very quick to reply and very easy to talk to, helping to put me at ease.Megan, theatre production directorThank you for the fantastic flyers which went down really well. A site plan:After you have come up with an idea of selling, promoting or sharing a particular product or service and a unique name for your web presence, you should construct a plan that will demonstrate just the broader outlook of how your site will function or what pages will it contain?
It is always advantageous to plan your site rather than diving straight into a design application.4.
Content – Be Genuine:Always take some time in order to collect and create content related to the product or service you are going to offer.
It may take days or even months in some cases, but this will help making the design process a lot easier because you will then just have to copy, paste and manipulate it in accordance with your needs.5. Website design software:Now you should start exploring and scrutinizing the wide spectrum of your mind’s creativity in order to get things done just the way you want them to be.

Here you will be playing with fonts, colors, graphics and all those animations which you see on most websites today. The key to success is just to keep moving and never giving up.WHY MUSE?As aforementioned, setting up a potential existence on the internet is a backbreaking job, if not Herculean.
However, selecting an appropriate application for it comes even beforehand for the reason that you’ll invest time, money and headwork in building that existence. If unfortunately, desired result is not achieved, you’ll either quit or switch to another program. One tool that has always prompted me to stick to web design is Adobe Muse as it contains and associates with all the imperative elements I need for creating, publishing and managing a website. Here are a few out of many reasons which might drive you to pick it as your first or next site building software.1.
Preeminently for Designers:Until the last few years, building a website on their own had become a ball and chain for designers as it demanded coding and programming skill set. However, a tremendous growth in the urge of having online presence for every small and large business across the globe has latterly given rise to a large number of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ tools which have presented designers with an opportunity to explore the web design sector. But most of them are either expensive or not durable.Adobe Muse, on the other hand, is a cost-effective and dependable solution. It has proven to be conducive in producing stable, visually appealing and flawless websites without coding. Even if the website has been created, there arises a need to format or edit some of the elements which, if not done carefully, might result in application of formatting to wrong objects and can ruin the design.
Under such circumstances, Layers feature helps to put the content in order and to re-organize or re-stack the objects.
Built-in Progressive Workflow:Majority of website design applications overwhelm the designers by offering zillion functions which eventually becomes exhausting especially when one doesn’t know where to begin.
The interface and workflow of this software is such that all the essential elements a designer could possibly need to build a website are organized and visible at once, right in front and nothing is hidden. What You See Is What You Get:Most of the times, web design beginners get carried away by the phrase “create websites without coding” and they do not consider focusing on technical aspects – whether the application they are going to choose is capable of delivering the look and performance they desire in their website. Sooner or later, due to continuous unsatisfactory results, they end up squandering the valuable resources, as I once did.
However, this snipe hunt of mine ended with Adobe Muse which is, in actuality, a true WYSIWYG tool. For accurate preview of the designed layout, Muse has incorporated a WebKit rendering engine.
The one which is used by major web browsers such as Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Apart from this, a designer also has an option to export the site as html in order to test the finished draft across different browsers and operating systems.Yet another impressive feature in terms of previewing the site is the ‘preview page in browser’ feature.
When you have a large number of pages on your website, it becomes a bit weary to export the whole site (as it takes longer) just to see if the objects on a particular page are rendering correctly. Responsive and SEO:As more and more people have started using mobiles and tablets to access the internet, it has become indispensable for web designers to create responsive layouts for enhancing user experience across multiple devices and screen sizes. Google has decided to penalize those websites which are not configured for such devices and to boost the ranking of those which do.
And luckily, Muse has been updated to these changing usage patterns with the introduction of two most significant features namely ‘Breakpoints’ and ‘Scrubber’. Once you’re done with the initial desktop layout, simply move the scrubber to a lower screen size at which the design starts to break or looks erroneous. Add a breakpoint at this position, adjust the design elements as you intend for that screen size and continue dragging the scrubber until the design breaks again. Repeat this process till you have your design for the smallest commonly used screen width which is 320 pixels. It’s as simple as that.Moving on to Search Engine Optimization, in simple words, it is a channel that takes your website from your computer’s hard drive to a number of viewers worldwide looking for content just like yours. Out of tones of white-hat methods that can be implemented in order to acquire traffic on a website, Muse takes care of few of the most important ones namely metadata, level tags for text and alternative text for images.5. Business Catalyst and E-Commerce Integration:Although, Muse is comprised of a wide range of instrumental features, still there are some components which, at this point of time, cannot be created using this tool such as blogs and customer database. It also has a limitation in setting up an online store as it currently offers PayPal system only. Due to this, Muse is regarded as a front-end application.However, this doesn’t mean that all these essentials will not be achieved if you’ll choose Muse. Whether you are a small business or large or just starting out or want to create a website for your client, it offers different pricing plans to choose from.
My recommendation to you is to compare Adobe Muse with other web design applications in terms of pricing, features and control over design and decide whether it is a good fit for you.

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