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Professional Website Templates, Flash Templates, Custom Web Design Themes and Free Web Layouts. You will find a great deal of valuable information about our great website templates, latest releases, and professional advice on required systems and software to use.
According to Wikipedia, Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception (in contrast to mere enhancement or correction), through analog or digital means.
To familiarize yourself with how templates work and to examine possible designs more closely before designing your own site, open Serif WebPlus and create a site from a template.
Those who don’t generate much loyalty are constantly struggling to attract new business, with all that implies in terms of marketing costs. One of the most frequently quoted statistics in this regard comes from a survey carried out by consultancy Bain and Co, which found that an increase in retention of just 5% results in a jump in profitability of between 25% to 90%. Nurturing the return customerSo what prompts a customer to return again and again to a favourite site? Well, price is undoubtedly a huge factor but arguably the experience of the customer plays an even more significant role in generating loyalty.

A customer may be initially attracted by good deals, but if the experience of dealing with the site isn’t good then he or she is likely to look around for alternatives next time round.Good and bad experienceWell at one level, experience tends to be defined by the good and bad things that happen after a transaction has taken place. For instance, “good experience”? is the punctual delivery of a fully functional product that is exactly what the customer ordered in terms of colour and specifications. And if something is wrong – say a faulty switch on a tablet computer – a customer might also praise the ability of the business to provide a replacement or a refund quickly and with the minimum of hassle. The hidden experienceBut what about the equally important aspects of customer experience that you don’t hear about quite so often – in particular the experience of customers as they proceed through your site after arriving at a home or landing page? Let’s compare and contrast two sites selling an almost identical range of products and services at broadly comparable prices.
One site is easy to navigate, the search programme is well configured and any software components are intuitive and functional. In contrast, visitors to the other site find it just a bit more difficult to locate the products they’re looking for and the online registration forms essential for purchase are confusing to some. Added to that, when rendered on a mobile screen, certain key functions such as the “add to cart”? button can only be found by scrolling down.The problem for the second site is that customers often don’t complain about minor? or sometimes major obstacles that make it harder to buy a product.

Instead they press on regardless but try another site next time, or else they simply drop off.
So how do you unlock this often hidden face of customer experience?The simplest way is to record and play back customer journeys, using UserReplay’s suite of tools. If the site log or real time analytics suggest there might be a problem with a certain page or section of the site, selected journeys can be replayed. You can, for example, see at first hand if customers are struggling with an online form or finding it difficult to find the buy now button on a smart phone browser.

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