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Resolution Overview: Using VS 2010 create a feature that deploys the new list with content.
Recently a SharePoint student asked about creating columns for a list and then reusing them in another list or library. When we are done, the advantages of creating each column once and then re using it should be apparent.
I click on the Site Actions> More Options to Create a new custom list called Ice Cream Cones. I'm going to add a few items to this list by clicking on the iceCreamCones link in the quick launch bar. I can always go into title description and icons in the list settings area to add spaces to the name of the list later.
As you can see, adding the Site Columns feels just like adding a regular list column to a user but it's much more flexible and will be used when creating content types.
Now I'll create a recipes list for our employees and use the site columns created earlier in this list as well. I'm going to create a list column called, cone type which will be choice by clicking Create Column.

This creates a List Column whose scope is this list and any list created from this list if used as a template.
I'll fill out the form as shown leaving the defaults for the rest of the values and click OK. I'm going to change the Title Column to ProductNumber by clicking on the Title link under Columns.
I'm going to create a Name Column which will be a lookup to the iceCreamCones list by clicking on Create Column.
I'll click on the Recipes link in the Quick Launch Bar in order to get to the All items page of the Recipes list so that I can add some items. My experiences as an Architect, Consultant, Administrator and Developer with SharePoint and its related products. I have got a bunch of site columns created in development environment and want to port them to Production environment with out manually creating em again.
The difference is that a Site Column is available to any list or library in the Site Collection.
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Let see step by step: creating feature based solution for SharePoint 2010 site columns using Visual Studio 2010. To create SharePoint site column feature, we need to add the field type schema to the Elements.xml file.
With Feature Designer, We can set all additional properties to our feature like Activate on Default, Image, etc. Using the Browser in SharePoint 2010, you can either create these columns as list columns and save that list or library as a template and then use it to create a new list or library, or you can create them as site columns in which they will be available to any list on any site in the Site Collection.
You can also create them as Managed MetaData columns so that they are available to any Web Application that subscribes to that Service Application even across Farms! This example is a great candidate to show the Enforce relationship behavior functionality available in SharePoint 2010 but we'll save that for another blog. Right click the Feature name (In our case: SiteColumnFeature) node in visual studio project, choose "View Designer" .

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