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Following a gruelling 5-day marathon of seemingly never ending Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, David Canfield of Symplebyte has drawn up a hitlist of the 8 biggest mistakes that presenters make.In this article he looks at the common mistakes and how these can be avoided. I’ve just come back from a gruelling week of corporate meetings, a 5-day marathon of seemingly never-ending Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Remember, though, that embedding fonts can substantially increase the size of your presentation. The final way is to use the Package for CD feature in PowerPoint 2003 or Pack and Go wizard in PowerPoint 2002. When he gave me his presentation he did not include the movie file, so there was a last minute scramble to get it on my computer.
I eventually got the .wmv file to run inside the object container in the presentation when the slide loaded, but it took more time than we had during the meeting and had to be done afterwards. If you still want to try, you should definitely use the Package for CD or Pack and Go options mentioned above, and if at all possible preview your presentation before you have to give it. One of the presenters had used a font which I did not have loaded on my computer, so when we first started it the text was completely illegible. Microsoft makes a large amount of images and clip art available for your use for free, and it’s easy to use.
Don’t be afraid to address members of your audience, either to get them to interact or to get them to pay attention. There are plenty of places on the web where experts can get detailed, highly technical information on how to use computers. Also available in Romanian, translated by Web Geek Science and in Italian, thanks to Calvina Bice. To apply a transition to a slide, select the slide, then click on the Slide Show menu and choose Slide Transition.
As the person in charge of marketing and IT, part of my job is to be the contact point for all of the attendees, folks ranging from 1st year sales reps to divisional presidents, COOs and CEOs. Using Fonts in PowerPoint - Microsoft PowerPoint doesn’t embed fonts by default, which means that you may have a font on your computer that someone else does not. This means that the fonts you use will travel with your presentation, and should eliminate the missing font problem.

What’s nice about this is that it will include all objects associated with your presentation, which will also eliminate some of the other mistakes mentioned later on. Bullet your ideas – The idea behind giving a presentation using PowerPoint is to create a guide for your talk, with supporting images and documents. Fortunately, because he had used the master properly I was able to go into it and change the font, and in a matter of seconds had him up and running. These are usually in a .wmf file format, which is a vector image (meaning they are mathematically calculated, so they look good no matter how large you make them).
Remember your audience - It’s easy to get very involved with what you do, and what you want to talk about, and create your presentation wearing blinkers.
Everyone is required to send me their presentations in advance, so that they can all be put on a single computer.
When they open your presentation it will look very much unlike you had expected it to, because when Windows can not find the font you specified it will substitute another font, with results that are usually not very pretty. I would go so far as to say if you are not showing the presentation on the same computer that you created it with I would strongly advise you NOT to include any embedded movies or sound files. We did it so quickly that very few people even knew there was an issue, and his presentation went off without a hitch. Think about it, people like myself go to a fair amount of trouble to make sure website images are as light as possible, meaning we will lower the quality of the image to make the file size as small as we can get it. It’s ironic that it is usually the most enthusiastic people that have the hardest time with this. If I get them in time, I usually go through them quickly and fix any of the obvious problems. I had a total of 24 presentations shown from my laptop, and 4 of them did not format correctly because of fonts that were not found (I have 379 fonts installed on my computer, which is fairly typical of today’s Windows PC). Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma, and Verdana are some examples of fonts that most Windows computers should have loaded.
Your logo is always in the same spot, your bullets and fonts are the same throughout the presentation. Inevitably, when you place this image in your presentation it will not be large enough, so you stretch it out.

If you’re looking for something that will set your presentation above the rest there is a very comprehensive list of places to get free stock photos at the Photoshop Tutorials Blog, definitely worth checking out.
Before you finish your presentation take a couple of mental steps back, and think about who will be there, and what they might be expecting from your talk or from the meeting or seminar in general. If someone asks you a question that’s not on topic suggest that you discuss it after the presentation.
I’ve included an article showing you how to make your presentation pop with remixed art. In two cases it caused some minor problems reading some tables, another was easily fixed because masters had been used properly, but the fourth was a complete disaster, and the presentation was not usable.
I say should because you can never be 100% sure of what fonts are loaded on the target computer. In addition, if you use the master you are embedding your logo only once, instead of on every page. Ironically, it seems like it’s the folks that are the most adamant about being technically adept that always seem to forget this part. As these are almost always raster images (made up of little squares called pixels), when you enlarge them you literally pull the image apart.
Make sure you approach this keeping your audience’s expectations in mind, this will help you to focus your presentation. Remember, though, that it is relatively easy to uninstall a font, and some people will remove fonts that they don’t use. The ones used here are frequently called for, however, so most people should have those loaded.

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