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In a few short years since its founding, Uber has become an iconic company and a global phenomenon, valued at $51 billion—almost as much as old-economy stalwart General Motors, which clocks in at $52 billion. Meet Chris Young, an assembly-line worker at Nissan’s manufacturing plant in Smyrna, Tennessee.
Nationwide, temps like Chris Young have provided nearly a fifth of the total job growth since the recession ended, according to federal data.
Or how about Frederic Larson, who enjoyed a successful 30-year career as a staff photographer with the San Francisco Chronicle, during which time he won numerous awards, including being a Pulitzer Prize finalist. Things have gotten so topsy-turvy that even the most talented workers are not immune from this trend.
The accelerated use by employers of the independent contractor loophole is causing a rapid erosion of the safety net for workers and families, one that was forged over many decades. When companies like Ford, Uber, or Facebook are hiring contractors, freelancers, temps, or even regularly employed part-time workers, in addition to the wages they pay they would also pay a few dollars more per hour, pro-rated according to the number of hours an individual works for that company.
So for example, suppose Donna is employed 20 hours a week by a hairdresser, contracts for 10 hours a week with TaskRabbit, and drives five shifts for Uber.
Creating New Site ThemesSince the release of XLEcom Version 5.1, only 4 images are needed to create a site theme.
As Forbes reports, he got downsized during the recession, and so needing income he monetized—he turned his house into an Airbnb hotel and his spiffy Prius into a Lyft taxi. As we wrote here at Fast Company, to keep herself afloat while she looked for a permanent job, Chitnis set up a bunch of micro-gigs on Fiverr.

Corporate America is increasingly relying on these types of workers as a core part of its business model to cut costs and maximize profits. Tina Brown, the flamboyant media mogul and former editor of Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and The Daily Beast, wrote at the Daily Beast that she noticed with disbelief the impact on her own associates and friends. Under the current system, employers actually have an incentive to fire their entire workforce if they can get away with it and dramatically reduce labor costs by using all 1099 workers. We must also re-establish a degree of economic security for the broad swath of American workers.
As former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and others have identified, the key is portability: the support infrastructure for workers must be designed so that the safety net follows the worker from job to job and employer to employer. She would earn 50% of her benefits from the hairdresser, 25% from TaskRabbit, and another percentage based on her wages driving from Uber.
By extending legal parity to all workers, the independent contractor loophole would be closed. Cities and states could require that employers pay a pro-rated amount into a worker’s Individual Security Account. Fiverr is an online job brokerage that connects buyers to sellers of numerous tasks and services, which pay as little as $5 per job (hence, its name). It’s all piecework today, practically dialing back the labor clock to the 19th century.
This award-winning professional photographer has been turned into an innkeeper in his own home, and a taxi driver in his own car.

It’s as if Tom Brady only gets paid for those moments when he throws a touchdown pass, and the whole rest of the game is on his time and dime. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a basic safety net (including Social Security, Medicare, unemployment and injured workers compensation) would cost less than $2 per hour per worker. All one has to do is create 4 new frame images, that's it !Give the program user complete control over modifying both the color and dimension properties of the all items contained within the website. The businesses could pass the cost of the ISA contributions on to customers, since that is the largest consumer pool that can absorb this cost with least impact. And since many of those customers are also workers who will directly benefit, a rising tide will float all boats. This would include such items as the Product Navigation Menus and Content Container Boxes.The shaded area headers with the angled corners are called "Decoration Headers". As an added benefit, the Decoration Headers will automatically resize to the visitor's web browser window.

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