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How about the golfer who aims “Down the fairway, clearing the hump, around the trees and over the water hazard towards the green”? Angular has doubled in the last year, while jobs for Ember and Backbone have fallen slightly.
For the presentation I delivered last night, I made a number of improvements over last year's. AngularJS and Foundation on my current project, and I've been researching how to integrate the two lately. Thanks to all who attended, I really enjoyed having the opportunity to share what I've learned. If you live in Denver, there's a number of interesting meetups happening in the next couple months.
One final note, we should also mention that the bar seemed to have a decent capacity, meaning that finding a table wasn’t a problem. The facts: The Blind Pig website is here and it can be found at 58 Poland Street, London W1f 7NR.

Anyways, as a few months went by and the blog grew, I kept looking for ideas on how to make it better, or add some other ways it could help people achieve their personal goals, when WHAM!
You both arrive, and after a quick hello and a few practice swings to loosen up, you tee your ball up and are ready to take your first shot down the fairway.
Probably, since he knows what he’s aiming for, and therefore has a much better chance of making it. It’s a fully proven system* that, when followed, can help anyone achieve the dreams and goals they want! Thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to helping some folks design and create the lives they’ve always wanted!
But wait, there’s a problem; BECAUSE it’s so frickin’ dark outside (remember, it’s midnight) you can’t see the course, the hole, or really anything in between! Whatever your golfing skills are, the task would go substantially better, and here’s why: Because the daylight would provide CLARITY for you to know what the exact goal looks like, (in this case the location of the hole) and what you must to do to achieve it.
Clarity gives him a lot more information to make decisions than our friend blindly swinging away in the dark.

Without a clear idea where to aim, which club to use, or how to find your ball once it lands!
In this situation the best you can do is whack the ball as hard as possible, and hope for the best.
If this were an actual real scenario, do you think you’d get the ball anywhere near (let alone in) the hole? Probably not, since you have very limited information available to help you achieve this goal.

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