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Click on the image above to access a downloadable fill-in form that you can use as a template to create your own memos. I've noticed we don't seem to be able to communicate important changes, requirements and progress reports throughout the company as effectively as we should.
While I know this seems like a simple solution, I believe it will cut down on needless e-mail, improve universal communication and allow the staff to save necessary information for later referral.
Address the memo to the person(s) who will take action on the subject and CC those who need to know about the action. As we enter Phase Four of the T-12 testing, I wanted to provide a progress overview of the Phase Three testing. Finally, the writer includes a summary paragraph, which features bullets highlighting the main points of each previous paragraph, and concludes the memo with a stated action required by the reader or writer.
Recipients will expect a memo to communicate important, timely information and using a memo format provides consistency in the dissemination of that information.

MuleSoft is another organization that was recently ranked by Glassdoor as one of the best places to work in America and they have also won plenty of other awards for being a great place to work.
Here is a downloadable fill-in memo form you can use to create your own documents, accompanied by memo-writing tips and a few complete example memos. For example, you can click to specify the sender's name, the recipient's name and the name of people receiving copies.
I propose developing one consistent memo format, recognizable by all staff as the official means of communicating company directives. Please talk among yourselves to determine the proper points of memo writing and return the input to me by 12 p.m. If this is a longer memo, each paragraph will have a subhead to help guide the reader through the document.
According to Greg Schott, the CEO of MuleSoft, the key is creating a great corporate culture.

I had the pleasure of visiting MuleSoft's offices in San Francisco to speak with Greg in person. In this episode of the future of work podcast Greg shares some of the things he does at his company to help make sure his employees are engaged, happy, and always doing their best. You can save the document to your computer or a jump drive so that you have a permanent record of the memo you create, as well as a completed memo that you can use as a starting point when you write similar documents in the future.
Greg is one of the few CEO's I know who personally interviews every new candidate that applies for a job.

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