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Most of them should be known: geometry for layout settings, graphicx for figures, url for hyper refs and xcolor for colors.
In order to change the left column width find the two lengths that say 0.2\textwidth and adjust them. My advice now would be to open the downloaded .tex file and see how the left and right frames are filled with content. Thanks to the comment of Rosario below, a fix is found for the problem when you want to use this template for a multi page CV. Instead of defining the dotted line as a vertical rule (\insertvrule), I placed in a dedicated static frame. In the method you described for multipage CVs, one needs to insert at the end of each page. When the content is more than one page,the right frame in the second page is not displayed correctly. After a lot of attempts I gave up and created two documents that I later combined (in their pdf format). The design seems to be alright on all pages with odd page numbers, so another solution would be to leave every second page empty and then print only odd pages.
Very important when working with site templates is knowing what SharePoint out-of-the-box can do for you and very often too much time and effort is spend building that which SharePoint already has. This entry was posted in Beginner, SharePoint 2010 and tagged Basic, Beginner, SharePoint 2010, Site template, Step By Step, team site, Tutorial.

Another One Of Our Cul-De-Sac DesignsFrom the end of that line I started my next line at a near 45 degree angle and finished the border of the yard.
The groundcover is half inch round river rock underlain with professional landscape fabric. Finally we will add some documents to our project site library and a conversation to the project site newsfeed. The flowfram package is the most important one, as this package allows you to create the special two column layout. First two vertical spacing commands to make the spacing between sections and item consistent. So before you start creating custom templates, check out the existing templates you’ll discover that they often have exactly what you require. If you look closely at the line elements in this one, you can see how simple the design shape is as well. From there I took the line through the sidewalk and all the way around the front of the home.
Repetition of elements such as plants, landscaping rocks, and other hardscaping creates unity and ballance. I do not expect you to read the full documentation of memoir, as we will only be using a small part of it.
A very popular method to achieve synergy is to use one of the most well known templates that SharePoint 2010 contains: the Team site template.

But what's different and what gives this front yard its unique shape is where the two lines meet.
Instead of continuing around the entire yard, I ended the line in a direct path toward the corner. With all the elements in place along with the shape of this design, this cul de sac front yard turned out to be a really classy landscape. Note that the latter package was also used in my post about how to create compact lists in LaTeX. Instead of a continual circle flow, we break the flow into two lines where they change directions. You could create this type of junction and shape in almost any area of almost any shape of yard.
It joins the lawn and the bed areas together with a continuation as though the line goes through the sidewalk.
Lastly, the TikZ is used to create the dotted vertical line in the template (more on that in the next section).
Finally there is Team Discussion in which you can discuss team items in a very simple manner, it has reply options and also quoted messages.

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