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Now that you have already rendered a map, let's get behind the scenes and understand how FusionMaps XT renders maps in a Web page.
JavaScript class files: These are present in the Maps folder in the root of the Download Package. HTML wrapper file (or a dynamic web page): The HTML wrapper file is where the maps are rendered. This code will ask FusionCharts renderer to skip JavaScript rendering and create Flash maps.
Important: The above mentioned property needs to be declared before rendering of any map in the page. Have you included and provided the path of FusionCharts.js properly in your FirstMap.html page? Are there any JavaScript syntax or runtime errors that might have halted the execution of FusionCharts APIs? Have you given unique names for the map's JavaScript variable, map's ID and the HMTL DIV's ID?

To provide cross-browser compatibility, we recommend you not to start the ID with a numerical value, nor use space as part of the ID. It was a fun way to show where she grew up and traveled to around the Beyond Universe, as well as explore the legacy of the Flash and how she’s able to hear all the voices of the previous Flashes. You may want to check later in this blog to see if there is new information relevant to your comment. The JavaScript class files help in embedding the map SWF into a web page, and also help in rendering JavaScript (HTML5) fallback maps. This file contains the code which integrates all other components (discussed above) to produce the maps. You may wish to render Flash maps only using the same HTML code that has been used in the previous example.
Hence, if you declare this at the beginning, all the maps in the page will be rendered using Flash. We will use the same example of World Map to show the Population Distribution across continents.

The XML or JSON data document can either be produced manually or generated using server-side scripts that are connected to your databases or live data sources.
These files (JavaScript class files and the map SWF file) are present in the Maps folder in the root of the Download Package. Once done, it should look as under, although with animation and interactivity when you view it live. The map SWF file is loaded and rendered using Adobe Flash player plug-in that is installed on your machine (more specifically, browser).

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