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From refurbished laptops and desktops to tablets, routers, and projectors, TechSoup provides your organization with an ever-changing assortment of hardware to choose from. TechSoup makes more than 400 technology donations, discounts, and services available to nonprofits, foundations, and libraries. In an effort to save money, nonprofits tend to rely on volunteer labor and free tools for creating and maintaining websites. Unfortunately, website planning and development is often handed off to people who have the technical skills to develop a website, but might not understand how the website fits into an organization's strategic and communications plans. To make sure your mission, communications, and website strategies are aligned, Wilkinson recommends that the organization's leadership team be deeply involved throughout the website planning and development process. In this breakout, Stephanie Lemmon of Lemmonmade Photography unlocks the secrets to claiming your artistic potential and developing a voice that’s uniquely yours. You will discover ways to use light, location, and styling to create dynamic and emotive portraiture as Stephanie discusses how to reach your full potential as an artist.

Many of their works can be seen in the hallways, but teacher Phil Benenati has allowed Pine Whispers to publish the images so they can be enjoyed by anyone, any where.
See our selection of refurbished desktops and laptops, and check out discounts beyond technology. To help you plan your year-end campaigns, we've gathered tools to help expand your donor base and turn supporters into funders. Signing up is the first step toward getting product donations or participating in community discussions. Before you get started, check out these 10 tips for creating engaging nonprofit websites from Firespring CEO, Jay Wilkinson. Their lives change, they move away, or they get a second job or decide to support another cause. Visitors can instantly see what the organization is all about and how they can support that mission.

I have always been drawn to LemmonMade images and was ecstatic to have the opportunity to learn directly from Stephanie in a small-group Breakout setting. Her PDF is full of the most amazingly beautiful imagery you can imagine, and it contains both inspiration and practical information that really teaches concepts at different levels. She is extremely generous in sharing specific vendor information, forms, and basic business plans…as well as including how she shoots at home and keeps her own creativity alive.

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