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XML is a platform independent language, so the information formatted in XML can be used in any other platforms (Operating Systems). This article will not go into the details of the SpreadSheetML format but is inteded to show a way of creating Excel spreadsheets programatically.
There are several ways to do this and this is only one of them so I am also not going to make comparisons between the different methods.
For this post, we are going to keep it simple and write three sample items in the XML file.
Normally this data would be fetched from a database but here we just export three sample items from the code. Now that we have the XML file (which is relatively simple to create from your application), we are going to create an excel file template that will be used to merge with the XML file to get the result we want. From here on we can change the template by adding XSLT code that will receive data from the Items.xml file and that way we can add a row for each item to our spreadsheet.

To create a record for each item in the source XML file , we just need to do an xsl:for-each loop for each item and process the XML code generated by excel. Before we continue, there is a little thing we still need to do because otherwise this will not be working. Following code shows how you can do XSLT transformation through C# code resulting in the final XML file. What do you want to do, reverse it to get a XSLT or do you want the excel data to be saved in an XML file.
I want to create in Excel without namespace ,will this help to achieve that ? In the xml node “Table” we need to delete the attribute “ExpandedRowCount” otherwise excel will not be able to open the result document. If you do not have novaPDF installed yet, use the Download page to download and install it.

The following C# source code creating an XML file product.xml and add four rows in the file. The XML file type has been designed to be simple, usable and general oriented over the internet and has strong Unicode support for most of the World’s languages. Also using novaPDF in the XML to PDF conversion can greatly improve the PDF with signatures, overlaying, bookmarks and watermarks, document information for online searching and more. How to convert XML to pdf in Notepad Notepad is a simple application designed for text files and also has XML support and editing possibilities.

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