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In this post we will discuss how to create a web part page or a wiki page in SharePoint 2013.
There are a few ways this can be accomplished: through plugins, themes, or a combination of the two. The Official WordPress Plugin Directory was at one time, about two or three years ago, pretty full of wiki and knowledge base plugins. However, the one big disappointment I came across with this plugin is that it does not come with an archive page template. True to its name, the Very Simple Knowledge Base is nothing more than a shortcode [knowledgebase] that triggers a page template for displaying certain blog posts and categories. Works with any theme (though from experience I can tell you that it may need some minor CSS tweaks here and there depending on the them you have.
Based on my testing of the various plugin in this post, Knowledge Base is perhaps the most polished and easy to use. UserPress is marketed (and certainly priced) as a higher end solution that any of the other options here.
And iFrame preview, which allows you to preview other pages without leaving the one you are currently reading.
The two instances in which having a whole theme dedicated to displaying and functioning as a wiki or knowledge base is if you have a standalone site dedicated to that sole purpose or if you have created a second installation of WordPress on a subdomain of your current site.
If you read through my descriptions of all the plugins featured in this post, you probably picked up on a note of disappointment throughout. Very simple Wiki does the job , but you definetly need to spend some bucks to have a professional tool.
I think that this is just one of those times that it is worth spending a few extra dollars to get software dedicated to this task.
If I need to create a wiki-base website, I would like to use a wiki & knowledge base themes instead a plugins.
Sometimes I think the Swiss Army knife approach to WP does an excellent product a real disservice. This is a partial explanation for the approximation that there are between 9 and 16 million WordPress blogs with zero content, blogs that were started and abandoned by people who probably in most cases started out with something they wanted to say or build, then abandoned it. First off our url is for our existing joomla site, we are currently rebuilding with Word Press, sorry about that.
But I have a question, we are building a knowledge base wiki using Mediawiki, and I have gotten used to the nuances of building our Mediawiki site.
By using this Wiki Knowledge Base plugin I think we don’t need to buy wiki theme because the design is so complete according to me. Truly the best plugin on that list is the WikiPlugin by WPMUDEV because its the only one that offers proper formatting for sub wikis, and its the best one for websites that are aiming to be like a Wikipedia.

Personally having used this plugin (and its premium counterpart) much more extensively than the others in this post, I can vouch for its quality more than any of the others–which I have, of course, installed and tested but not put to use of weeks or months. As you can see above, the plugin simply uses its shortcode to create a documentation style display. Not only is the setup easy but it displays beautifully on the front end–which is a big deal! However, having not tested it extensively, I’m a little dubious that it is worth its $99 price tag.
In the interest of being thorough, lets take a look at what those instances might be before we wrap up this post. As with almost any plugin, theme, or (in a broader sense) WordPress installation you are working with tweaking is part of the fun and usually required to one degree or another in order to achieve exactly what you’re after. The second one is really smple to use and easy to edit and gives you a lot of freeddom with the code. The pro version of the Wiki plugin by WPMUDEV actually has tagging and categorization capabilities.
The fact that you advertise it as a fully functioning Wiki and even show a picture of Wikipedia in the image you have for it on your site is very miss leading. We’ve glued, stapled, tacked and paper-clipped so much functionality to the edges and bowels of WP that it feels fragile and difficult to maintain because it is. It’s a tad difficult, it requires a certain amount of intuitiveness to configure the wiki with all its plugins and features, but it is one heck of a piece of software! Basically, each Wiki entry is a custom post type–but without any tags or categories, which can be a bummer at times. Which is nice, but obviously if you want to have a page dedicated to displaying and sorting your wiki entries, you’re going to have to build it yourself. Combine that with the fact that you still do not get a nice archive page with the pro version and it can be a bit frustrating. Granted, it is designed more for documentation style pages as opposed to wiki style pages (particularly with the voting system) but I think it could work as either if needed. Especially considering that that does not include indefinite updates or support, but only one year’s worth. In either of these cases having a theme that comes with all of the page and custom post type templates you could want is actually pretty awesome. His work exists at the intersection of cosmology, anthropology, psychology, comparative mythology, storytelling and WordPress. If you have any trouble installing or you have questions about installing, you have to pay another $34, and that’s for six months, only. It should also use the standard archive template for Wiki archives – were you expecting something different?

The point raised above about not having any proper sorting, not being able to create templates and a few other features, like on my site if you are logged in as admin you cant use the front end but as a subscriber you can. However, I have removed the plugin and installed WordPress wiki theme that is great also…. I sort of rue the day that WP decided to become an application platform and a site builder and a discussion board and a…. Because I feel that when it comes to adding functionality to a website, it’s almost always best to do that through a plugin. The two I’ve decided to highlight in this post have four or five star ratings, a relatively large amount of downloads, and are currently being updated.
Nevertheless, you’re still able to accomplish a basic but functional wiki entry with each new post. However, with those reservations out of the way, I can say that it does appear to be a high quality wiki solution that is actively updated and developed. I know that some of the plugins mentioned above fall short in this area, which may require some design tweaks on the part of the end user. Creating and managing a full-featured, high-powered Wiki is duck soup compared to managing a WordPress site and making the resulting Wiki look like it’s an integral part of your WP site is trivial. The WP plugins sure are attractive, having the same user interface and consolidating our software and needs. Or in other words, as few and unpopular as they might seem when compared to other types of plugins, they are nevertheless the best out there right now. Like the lack of archive page options or the ability to add post taxonomies to wiki entries. The site I have for my link here is old and the old theme doesnt like plugins much but will try this for other sites that have newer themes. Now it is earning a reputation as a very difficult and complex piece of software to master with far too many moving parts. But on the other hand, Mediawiki is the pioneer in many ways and the thousands of calls to data it is capable of with its parser functions and much more, I am not sure if that can be topped. While not absolutely necessary, I think features like that would go a long way towards making this obviously viable concept more enjoyable for both creators and readers. I know this is a personal call on a personal level, but if you were neck deep in developing a Mediawiki site, and then some pretty good reviews came along about WP wiki plugins, would you deeply consider abandoning efforts with Mediawiki? In other words, can the above plugins be compared to a dedicated wiki software such as Mediawiki?

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