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In this article will show you how to create a desktop shortcut to a website using Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer (IE). The following steps will guide you through the process of creating a desktop shortcut to a website using Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer (IE). Step:1 Resize your Web browser so you can see the browser and your desktop in the same screen. Step:2 Left click the icon located to the left side of the address bar (fevicon of logo of the webpage). Step:4 After creating the shortcut you can right-click on the icon and select Rename to edit the text description.
We hope above method is very useful for while using internet on specific website like and to more about internet browser tricks check here. Tagged desktop shortcut for website desktop shortcut for websites easy access your website from desktop how to bring website shortcut in your desktop How to Create a Desktop Shortcut to a Website..? How add website links windows 10 start menu, Even though microsoft may have ruffled some feathers with its latest redesign of the windows 10 start menu, luckily the engineers behind it were smart enough to make. Adding favorite websites windows 8 start screen, The epicenter windows 8 lies start screen, collection tiles designed quickly connect favorite apps, playlists, people, news. How create desktop shortcut website windows, There are a ton of great websites and resources on the internet, and there are many ways to find them. How create website email shortcut windows desktop, Type the address of the website in the box and hit next.

3 ways create shortcut specific website , How create shortcut specific website desktop internet explorer 9. How create desktop shortcut website chrome, Here' step--step tutorial create desktop shortcuts favorite web pages google chrome..
This post provides instructions on how to create a desktop shortcut for a website link that will open in Mozilla Firefox.
Warning: If Firefox is not your default browser, any website shortcut you add to your desktop will open in the browser that is your default (likely Microsoft Internet Explorer).
Next, we will add an internet address shortcut to your desktop that, when clicked, will open in Firefox. You will see a faded copy of the favicon plus a rectangle with a dashed border and your cursor.
Warning: Ensure that you are not clicking and dragging the favicon that appears next to the browser tab. Is there any way to keep the default browser as Internet Explorer and still have the shortcut open in Firefox? In the upper right corner of Firefox, click the Restore Down button to reduce the browser window so that you can see both the website page and your desktop. To the left of the browser address bar, click and drag the website favicon onto your desktop.
Regardless, it will at least have an image of a blank piece of paper with its upper right corner turned down.

If you do this, you will not create a shortcut on your desktop but will instead disconnect the tab so that it opens in a separate window. With a lot of complaints and suggestions from users of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has made changes to the start menu.
When you double-click the icon from your desktop it automatically launches the browser and opens the site. It will open the website in the browser you used when creating the shortcut. In this article, we will share how to pin a website to the start menu of Windows 10.In case you are using Microsoft Edge browser, the process is pretty simple. Open the website you want to pin and select the three dots on the top right corner which will bring the menu. Now copy the shortcut to this folder.Once you have done this, open start menu and click All apps and search for the shortcut you just created. Now your website will be added to start menu.Using this method you can quickly access your most frequently used websites directly from the start menu.

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