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Citing sources according to the citation style found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychology Association (APA), 6th Edition. More bluntly plagiarism is theft and it goes against the US Copyright law and the USFSP Code of Conduct.
As you do your research, keep track of the books, articles, and other resources that you consult WHILE you are doing your research.
Finally: If you're still worried, ask your instructor whether you can submit your paper to Turnitin, a plagiarism checking software available through Canvas.
A citation style is a consistent method for documenting sources and acknowledging the original creator of an idea, thought, or quote. Using a citation style is the way you can give credit to the people, articles, webpages, videos, artwork, interviews, etc that you used as the basis of your work.
Finally, a citation style contributes to the academic process and demonstrates how you have contributed to the scholarly conversation and building upon previous knowledge.
In this module, we focus on how to properly create reference entries and in-text citations using the APA Citation Style as defined by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition.
Specifically, you will learn how to format basic sources such as books, journal articles, and web pages. Your first step is to create a new page called References and locate it at the end of your paper. Each entry should be double-spaced, the first line of the reference should begin at the left margin, while all subsequent lines of the entry should be indented by half an inch (a hanging indent). As you can see, the format of a journal article citation has many similarities to a book reference.
A DOI number is a unique number assigned to specific journal articles and is used to indicate that the article content is the same whether it is published in print or electronic format.
Creating a proper reference for a webpage can be tricky and finding all the required information can require some work.
Scroll to the bottom of the webpage – this is a common location for web designers to document when the webpage was last updated.
When you cannot find all the information that you need, include as much information as you can find and try to follow the APA guidelines for the general entry format as closely as possible.
Although most [baseball] players practiced their particular superstitions every game, they expressed relatively little confidence that the behavior actually had an effect on their performance or the outcome of the game.
Superstitious rituals are a common behavior among professional baseball players in Japan and the United States. If you have more than two authors, list the last name of the first author and include the term et. An in-text citation is frequently located at the end of a sentence to indicate that you are citing another author's work. Burmese pythons are an invasive species spreading throughout the Florida Everglades (O'Shea, 2007).
However, if the author is mentioned within the sentence, the in-text citation should be included within the sentence immediately proceeding the name.
Finally, each source that you cite within your paper should be listed on your Reference page. These tools can help you manage your references, automatically generate your reference list, create in-text citations within your paper, and generally speed up your reference and bibliography process. In the USF Libraries Catalog, click on the Cite This link to automatically generate references in APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA Turabian citation styles. RefWorks is a web-based research management tool that allows you to import references from many electronic databases and catalogs, include in-text citations in your paper, build a bibliography using a variety of citation styles, and create a bibliography in a choice of formats. Try RefWorks to save time and efficiently create and manage your bibliographies and in-text citations. Thoroughly referencing and citing all of our sources is a crucial way to avoid plagiarism and to effectively document the facts, ideas, and direct quotes that you use in writing.
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Most instructors like or require that you consult relevant books and articles for your papers – so let them know where you got your information. This will save you time from having to track down where you originally found your information for your Reference List.
For example, the author's name always appears in the same place, the date of publication always appears in the same place, etc.
By creating a bibliography and citing your sources in the text of your paper, you can avoid any accusations of plagiarism. As there are many other types of sources that you may use in your papers and presentations (such as dissertations, newspaper articles, personal interviews, etc.) be sure to consult the print APA Manual (available in the Nelson Poynter Library), the USFSP citation guides, or the OWL at Purdue for more specific guidelines.
Your reference should include the additional information listing either a webpage URL or the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). DOI numbers can be very long; a good tip is to copy and paste them into your reference list rather than trying to correctly type it out. Additionally, when you cite the webpage URL, just use the basic root of the website, not the long string of numbers and letters. For example, many webpages do not clearly list the author of the text, or include when the webpage was published or last updated. If an individual author is not provided, list the corporation or organization as your author in the reference. In-text citations should be used throughout your paper wherever you quote an author, paraphrase a source, or refer to someone's idea, concept, or research findings.
Correspondingly, each source listed on your Reference page should be cited within the text of your paper.
As a note of warning, be sure to edit and format of any of the references you download using these tools. The terminology and location on the website may vary from database to database; be sure to look for the terms such as Cite, Export, or Manage References. In this module, Avoid Plagiarism: APA Citation Style you have learned when and how to avoid plagiarizing by properly citing your sources both within your Reference list and in the text of your paper using the APA Citation Style, 6th Edition. You'll never need to worry about setting up a hosting account or wonder whether your site is accessible. Our multi-site plans are great for agencies, brands, or users who want to manage more than one simple site. You have effectively saved my sanity, my relationship with my sister, and possibly her business because her website gets way more traffic than her Facebook. Ad networks like Google AdSense or Value Click are fine when you are getting started, and down the road they can also be used to complement your monetization strategy, but direct ad sales will probably be your most profitable income source. You’ll need to convince your prospects that spending money to advertise on your site will be a wise business decision, that it will have a positive return on investment and so on. The pros are that it will help advertisers make a decision, and if your prices are competitive, it might also convince some of them. That is where most large websites put the link, and as a consequence most marketers will look there first. This will ensure that even people who hadn’t considered to advertise on your site will do so after seeing your link. Just thought I’d throw in how I feel about not seeing the rates though for consideration.

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One explanation may be simply that although the players believe in the power of superstition, they were embarrassed to acknowledge this belief.
While you now should have an understanding of how to construct the basic references for books, articles, and web pages, please consult the APA Style Manual, 6th Edition (2010) for more examples of other types of documents and sources.
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But this is a good option for those who don’t have a relationship with other blog owners. The elements of the citation provide a map that direct your readers to location of your sources. Additionally, always make sure your reference list is in alphabetical order and is the same font type and size as the rest of your paper. Your new page will be linked to this account, and any changes you make to your account will need to be done after you log in.2. Other metrics you might include are the pages per visitor ratio, the average time spent on the website, the percentage of organic traffic, geographical breakdown of your traffic and so on.
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Players also might engage in superstition because it is normative behavior in a baseball locker room.

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