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This website was created for the benefits of diligent researchers who are finding knowledge about the music of the Cordillerans. To fully understand Cordilleran music, we need to know first who they are and what is their culture.
Each of the seven major ethno-linguistic groups has its own family of languages and cultures. Indigenous peopleA big bulk of the Cordillera population is composed of closely-related indigenous people.
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Its main islands are Luzon (on which the capital Manila is situated), Mindanao and Visayas. In current usage, Northern Cordillerans use it disparagingly, when speaking of people from eastern Mountain Province.

Murder and manslaughter, for instance is more usually dealt with under tribal law which might include blood debt, only satisfied by the death of the perpetrator. While there are diverse types, an ili usually consists of a closely-knit cluster of villages, or a core village and its outlying hamlets, within a more or less defined territory.A mix of indigenous, non-indigenous, and migrant peopleBigger and more diverse populations are found in Cordillera's melting pot areas, such as those in urban (or rapidly urbanizing) Baguio-Benguet and in the foothills and valleys adjoining the great lowlands of Luzon. During Spanish times, the whole range was called Nueva Provincia, (New Province).Its inhabitants are a loosely-connected federation of tribes belonging to the mountains.
In these areas, the original indigenous communities have given way to hybrid communities composed of varied mixtures of indigenous and migrant people.
Most tertiary educated Cordillerans speak English, since it is the usual medium of instruction at the college level in the Philippines.
Spanish deeds were never issued for the land in the Cordilleras since the Spanish were continuously repelled for the whole of Spanish colonial period.Cordillerans view land as the source of life, an integral part of their cultural identity, that traces its origins from the land. The price that the Igorots had to pay for this independence was that they became different from their colonized brothers. Land is considered sacred and tribal land can neither be owned nor sold, but it nurtured to produce life for the communal benefit. The Philippines staged Asia’s first nationalistic revolution in 1896, and declared its independence on June 12, 1898.
Neither of these languages are commonly spoken at home or at work.The Gran Cordillera is the highest and largest mountain range in the Philippines.
For Cordillerans, the loss of their land, or their alienation from it, can be equivalent to taking their lives. Highlights include flower exhibits, lectures, garden tours, floral competition and a parade of floats.Adivay FestivalAdivay festival in Benguet which means "coming together of people to celebrate" is celebrated every month of November.
It is in celebration of the founding anniversary of the province and the Peace acts called Bodong.

The USA established strategic military bases in The Philippines, with the consent of the established government in Manila.
It is the poetic expression of the heroic exploits, romance, joys, successes as well as tribulations, and the way of life of the Kalingas from birth to death.
During World War II, the Japanese temporarily overtook the American presence, causing Philippine people to fight alongside by joint the US and Philippine Commonwealth Military in order to extricate the Japanese by 1945.
The Festival highlights the weaved clothes (laga) exhibits, world class coffee beans and other products of Kalinga.Lang-ay FestivalLang-ay Festival in Mountain Province celebrated every April 7. This is a week-long agro-industrial trade, tourism and cultural fair with tribal dances and songs. Again, similar to the fight against the Spanish, the indigenous inhabitants protested against the destruction of their land and the neglecting of their rights. Mining operations continued to grow and by 1939 the Philippines ranked among the world’s leading gold producers, and second to the state of California among US producers.
The political elite hoped that the creation of several provinces would, by increasing the region’s representation, increase development spending in the area.
Under her leadership the human rights situation started to improve; political prisoners were released, repressive laws were repealed and all relevant UN Conventions were ratified.

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