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This background color gets applied to all the elements which are contained inside this wrapper div.
The three preview boxes are contained inside the div with id center_preview, and center_preview div is contained inside preview div. The center_footer div contained inside the footer div has a black(#000000) colored background.
No portion of these materials may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever, without the express written consent of Entheos. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can create a beautiful, unique, abstract website header in just a few easy steps.
This is a technique that I’ve recently used on personal projects of my own, and have impressed a lot of people with. Create a new document in Photoshop, and use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill the Background layer with a dark color. We’re going to introduce a few new colors into the fray to make things a little more interesting. To brighten this area up a bit, I’m going to create a New Layer, and use a soft, White brush with the blending mode set to Overlay directly above the Orange I just created in the document. This is probably the most difficult part of the effect, but only because it requires a little creativity on the designers part. On a new Layer, using the same colors we’ve been using so far (Only this time, with the blending mode set to Normal), use your creativity to put together a flare effect of your own.
If you want my opinion, I think this effect is a great touch for a minimalist layout that uses dark colors, as it’s soft, and not very distracting.
This is one of the best tutorials on the web because it’s versitale and quick and 99% of the time it comes out looking absolutely fantastic! One of those tutorials that anyone can use over and over again and it always be unique in some way. I stumbled across this wonderful site of yours not too long ago and I can tell you with honesty that it is my favorite place to go to for Photoshop tutorials.
Now that I’m 21, and with my brother being the founder of a small graphic design company, I feel as though I need to help out. When I add the orange circle and set it to overlay it disappears, same with the white highlight, why does it not show up for me? Hey, great tutorial, but whenever I set the hardness to 0%, I still get a complete circle and not something that is pictured in your tutorial. If you have recently added Sketch, the new vector drawing app from Bohemian Coding to your design workflow or are considering a switch from Photoshop, Fireworks or Illustrator over to Sketch, then the best way to fully get to grips with the new app is to design with it! Select the Rectangle tool from the Insert menu or use the shortcut (R) and draw a rectangle that fills the whole artboard. Draw another rectangle (or duplicate the first one), set the height to 120 pixels and place it at the top of the artboard. Show the layout grid if it is currently hidden and select the Text tool from the Insert menu or use shortcut (T). Draw a new circle layer this time to begin the icon for the button, and again give it the same 2 pixel thick border. To create another arrow icon, first draw a thin horizontal rectangle, then duplicate it and rotate 90 degrees to form a right angle.

Finally to make the header more visually interesting we will add an image to the background.
Select the Bitmap layer and apply a Gaussian Blur, then lower the Saturation to 0 to make the image completely grayscale.
Sketch 3 is clearly a tool that can keep up with the big boys, and can often make creating web and interface designs like this a breeze. This tutorial demonstrates how to take t-shirt artwork and mock it up on a real world model photo. This tutorial will teach you how to take a flat seamless wood texture and sculpt it into a curved presentation backdrop ideal for product mockups.
This tutorial will teach you how to distress a photograph by merging it with a grunge texture, using layer masks and displacement filters in Photoshop for a realistic result.
Quatrefoil is an ornamental design with four lobes that resemble a flower or clover leaf, it is most commonly seen in Gothic architecture but can also make a cool, minimal pattern for modern web and graphic design.
Nope, we don’t have any affiliation with Bohemian Coding, we are just replying to comments about the software. Attribution for free resources must be provided in conjunction any time the freebie is used, on the same page where the resource appears on your design. The importance of a well-set header, be it for a service, product, advocacy website, or a personal blog, etc., is never hidden to any marketer or blogger out there. Thus, some bright and well-thought ideas to create one is necessary if you want a positive impact.
I hope you got some fresh ideas out of this list to get you started for your next header design. This list is a recompilation of the best header samples I can get from the internet, not totally done with Instant Header Presence, but yes most of them can be done with the software.
Instant Header Presence features a what-you-see-is-what-you-get functionality so it’s very easy to use. A website's header is usually the most prominent feature of the site and its design is a crucial phase as it can make or break your website in terms of usability and impact. The website header designed should make these elements look cohesive, uncluttered and slick while fulfilling the targeted look-and-feel requirement.
Every designer irrespective of his or her level of experience looks for inspiration - consciously or unconsciously - be it from the real world around us (from nature or objects), other talented designers or from other visual media. This div is positioned at the center of the webpage horizontally using the auto margin property.
These boxes show some part(3-4 lines) of the complete topic and have a [ more ] link that links to the original topic. The jpg format does not support transparency, but it can be made transparent using CSS Opacity Property.
Any unauthorized use, sharing, reproduction or distribution of these materials by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise is strictly prohibited. I love that you gave us some creative freedom so everyone won’t get the same result but will still get something beautiful. I have been looking for some simple easy to follow steps in order to make headers for my websites.
Ever since I was about 12 years old I’ve been messing around with photoshop, so it has become a sort of hobby to me.

But before I do so, I’m going to have to learn Photoshop from someone who actually knows about it, rather than figuring it out on my own.
This tutorial will walk you through the process of using Sketch 3 to create what almost all websites have in common, an attractive header design.
To create an Artboard in Sketch you can use the (A) keyboard shortcut, or Select Artboard from the Insert toolbar icon menu. Aim for 1200 x 600 pixels, but if you find that tricky it is easy to adjust the dimensions of the artboard after drawing. Use the inspector on the right hand side to give it a dark gray fill (#3E454E) and uncheck the border option if it is on by default. Sketch will now treat the layers as a single shape, allowing you to rotate it 45 degrees and form a left arrow.
Hopefully by following this tutorial you are now that little bit more familiar with Sketch and one step closer to using it in the wild! This technique can be applied to any appropriate photo of a model wearing a plain shirt or vest etc. I’m fairly new to web design but you guys make it seem so easy when you put together your tutorials. I seem to get stuck in a rut with predictable headers and keeping them in a similar style, shape and design.
Optimally designing a website's header (along with layout consideration for complex designs) consumes a big chunk of design time, creative energy and brain power and requires the extra patient effort to get it right. If you are new to website design you can learn how to design a very basic website header via our design a website tutorial. As our eyes go about doing this job, all we need is a developed knack for, learning from and building on every tiny idea, to, assimilating them in creating a new original design.
I played with whatever tools caught my interest until I ended up actually knowing what I was doing. I’m making my thing and I was like WTF where did my layer dissappeared after I made it Overlay. On the second rectangle you will need to delete one of the lower points and move the remaining lower point into the center to form a triangular shape. The first thing to do is duplicate the first rectangle layer we created as this will be used to mask the bitmap image. It has the power to instantly draw eyeballs to your website or make them abandon you in seconds. It can easily reflect what you can offer to your prospect customers, or give an idea how professional you can be, and sometimes, could show if you can be trusted or not.
These headers will be made available as free downloads for non-commercial use in a few days. With both the duplicated rectangle layer and the bitmap image layer selected, click the Mask icon in the toolbar. You can also suggest other web sites whose headers are amazing so we can add them here as well (with credits to the designer if known).

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