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They usually classified the websites based on the website category, and putting the right website within the category, and then get a separate web hosting account for this website. If you have multiple websites that you create and put them in a separate web hosting account, you probably want to think twice about putting your entire website under a single account.
You could find many web hosting providers that allow you to manage two websites or more in one account.
There is a strategy that you could do to get the web hosting provider that allows you to manage multiple websites under one account. Application development of a web hosting provider is the next thing that you should consider. Also, don’t forget to add the backup ability into the web hosting plan that you choose to make sure that you could backup all of your websites anytime, and preferably doing an automatic backup for your websites daily.
No matter what web hosting plan that you choose to handle your multiple websites, make sure that you choose the one that has a good customer support.

These websites could range from the personal website like blog to business website or online store.
You need to consider about the cost, uptime, application development, and backup ability of particular web hosting.
Uptime of a web hosting provider will show you how long your website will stay online without having any downtime that could impact your website to become inaccessible for your visitors. You want the web hosting account that you have keep updated with the latest scripts, tools, and features to make sure that your websites could stay ahead of other websites. It will minimize the problems that could happen when the server crash and your files got broken or deleted.
Most webmasters often use more than one web hosting account to manage these multiple websites. This is a big benefit for you to control all of your websites in a single account, and thus minimize the headache that you experience.

Getting a high uptime web hosting provider will guarantee you to keep your websites online as long as you can.
The more responsive your web hosting provider, the better chance they could fix the problem that may rise in the future. You don’t want to pay a huge sum of cash to control all of your websites in one place.

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