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Important note…if you're overriding 404 error handling to display a custom page on the same site, make certain the page exists.  If the custom page doesn’t exist, therefore resulting in another 404 error, I imagine this to be a potential infinite loop situation. After clicking OK you'll notice the Error Pages list has been modified to reflect your changes as shown below.
I see two potential issues with the above approach, and both are related to your inability as a SharePoint developer to control or even be aware of the actions of SharePoint, other developers, third party tools, etc. The first contains the default settings for all web applications.  The second is used for overriding at the individual SharePoint web application level. New in SharePoint 2013, JSLink has greatly simplified the ability to customize the rendering of List Views and Forms. A piece of software for a user to further develop their SharePoint site beyond its basic capabilities by manipulating the design and behavior of the site.

While doing some trial runs to copy our 2010 db's to a 2013 farm, I'm going through checking to see which workflows will have to be altered pre or post move.
My goal is to make some fields in a custom datasheet view as read-only and to make some-else as ready-only depending on another field value.
I'm designing a workflow in SharePoint designer that uses a HTTP web service step via GET method. I'm trying to add SharePoint Controls to my custom form (specifically Form Action Buttons which are under Data View Controls).
Does anyone know if it is possible to configure incoming email for a sharepoint list with sharepoint being on prem but our email server being hosted on O365? Why does the continuity correction (say, the normal approximation to the binomial distribution) work?

They have been focused on delivering solutions utilizing Microsoft tools and platforms since 1998. I've got the bulk of it working but I'm going back to do edge cases now like Bank Holidays and half days. Inside these person folder there will be another set of sub folders which are their projects uploaded. IncWorx Consulting is considered the premiere Microsoft Partner for SharePoint architecture, design, development, integration, deployment and support.

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