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The social media giant approach uses two of the following techniques to generate tiny thumbnail images automatically. The primary algorithm creates a picture, which is purely based on the random vector and creates images using them.
The search engine giant takes the approach in the right opposite manner, instead of looking for the realism, the algorithm produces art by allowing the neural networks to run wild and automatically decide on the visual elements that it want to create. For instance, an image of the sky is provided to the machine, the machine will think, there are birds in the background.
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Take racing games to the next level with the Wireless Speed Wheel that lets your gamer steer like he does in real life.
The both tech giants have tried to show off the neural networks, which automatically creates or generate images on the basis of what an object looks like.
The technique used by the Facebook is somewhat similar to the random vector, and it is similar to how people used to learn painting from the scratch.
If an input is passed to the machine, the photo will be analyzed and refined the images until “they’re impossible to miss”. He was the Employee of the Year 2013 for his selfless support and efficiently setting up the whole security infrastructure.

If the image generated by the first one is not realistic, then it will be rejected automatically.

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