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SharePoint 2013 adds many new features, including improvements to Lists, Sites, and Pages, as well as a variety of changes pertaining to user interface and locations.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you want to add more OOB snippets to your master page, click on Snippets on the top bar. At long last, Excel Services for SharePoint 2007 gives you a way to share spreadsheets easily—calculating and rendering output on the server rather than struggling to maintain multiple individually installed copies. However with the advent of SharePoint 2007, which facilitates communication between its users, and with Excel Services, application developers can approach this scenario in a new and different way. You'll now have a SharePoint site containing a document library of Excel spreadsheets (see Figure 4). Now we can use HTML5 to create our attractive branding without the need to understand the typical concepts of SharePoint 2013.
The 300 is calculated based off of GMT, so if you are GTM-05:00, or EST, then you take -60 * -5 = 300.
You want to do so by creating editable, custom Web Part zones, as opposed to a static custom master page.

This model forms a proof-of-concept, as well as a sandbox in which domain experts ensure that their calculations work correctly.
Excel Services provides a server-side paradigm for Excel in which spreadsheets published to SharePoint can calculate and render on the server, letting users pull results down to their browsers. Blank SharePoint Site Settings: The table showsthe settings you'll need to create a blank SharePoint site to hostthe sample Excel Services spreadsheet. If you browse to the blank SharePoint site that you just created it will look like Figure 2.
Creating New Items in your SharePoint Site: The Create Page screen provides several categories containing links for creating various item types. Your Document Library in SharePoint: The new "Analytics" document library can contain a set of Excel spreadsheets.
Select "Create" from the dropdown and you'll be taken to a screen containing several categories of options for creating various types of items (see Figure 3). On the Document Library screen, give the new document library a name and a Document Template. The model may also become the basis for a functional specification for programmers, who can take the spreadsheet and implement the formulas it contains in a high level language such as C# or Java in the main application.

In this new scenario, analysts can publish their worksheets to SharePoint, and allow Excel Services to kick in, meaning that anybody who browses to the site containing the spreadsheet can access the full functionality of the sheet—whether or not they have Excel installed.
From the Administrator you can use the "Create Site Collection" option on the "Application Management" tab to create a new SharePoint site. Descendant selectors are used to style elements that are descendants of another element in the same document tree. Zone 1 holds the Announcements Web Part and an as-yet unnamed Web Part; the CSS descendant selector is applied to this column. Zone 3 also allows Web Parts to be stacked horizontally and includes the Upcoming Events and Upcoming Holidays Web Parts.

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