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If you have a large document, creating an index could be really helpful in locating information within the document.
In the “Mark Index Entry” dialog box you can add additional information like a subentry or a cross-reference.
NOTE: The dialog box remains open which allows you to scroll through the document and add one entry at a time.
Place the cursor on the last page of the document (or the page where you want to place your index), then open the “Index” dialog box.
NOTE: If any changes are made after the index is created, you will have to follow Steps 5 and 6 to refresh the changes that you recently made.
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I have done everything data display query and other basic functionality now I want to create CSS structure that behave like original page index.
There are multiple ways to pull this off, but Stack Overflow asks that you try everything yourself first. Well, not everything, but definitely something, along with a description of what you've tried. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged css html5 or ask your own question.
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Ever since Adobe included the use of Variables in InDesign, I have been thinking about ways to use it to create auto-generated index headings.
Well, after trying lots of different things, I finally came up with a simple solution that anyone can use. Now this can be set up to happen "on-the-fly" by simply using Text Variables and invisible Nested Styles. The biggest obstacle that I needed to overcome was how to have the header variable consistently pull the index listing while ignoring the page numbers. The trick here lies inside the "Following Topic" field in the "Entry Separators" section at the bottom of the dialog.

The reason I chose to use a Figure Space instead of just a regular space is because it gives me a "special character" that I can use later when setting up my custom Nested Style. In a few steps, you will create a custom variable that will call upon this "hidden" Character Style.
Open up the Paragraph Style Options dialog for your style and then choose the "Drop Caps and Nested Styles" option from the list on the left.
As you can see in my example (above), I am Nesting the Character Style "Index_Header" up to the first instance of a "Figure Space" character. Now that our Character and Paragraph styles are set, it is time to create our header Variables. In my example (above), I named the Variable "Header_First", but feel free to name yours whatever you wish.
Then, from the Style drop down menu, choose "Index_Header" (or whatever you named your empty Character Style back in step 2). All other options in this dialog are up to you depending on how you want your Variable to look. All of the settings should match your first Variable, exactly (except for the Use drop down option).
Now that your Header Variables have been defined, all that is left to do is place them into your Master pages. To place your variables on your master page(s), simply draw a text frame in your preferred location on the Master page, and then go to Type-->Text Variables-->Insert Variable.
With the proper right and left indention settings, this can actually be used for setting vertical running tabs in the outside margins of lengthy directories too. Tutorials are intended to be applied toward completion of students' overall deliverable product.
Create the Index Page (or Home Page)Create a new slide at the start of your presentation containing the titles (and perhaps sub-titles) of all the individual slides. Using the PowerPoint 2010 Drawing ToolsClick on the Home tab of the ribbon if it is not already selected.In the Drawing section of the ribbon, click on a object tool of your choice to draw over the text links.
Paste the object several times to create rectangles for each of the items on your index page.Drag the rectangles to cover each item in your index. You should see the rectangle fading from view as you move the slider.Leave the Format Shape dialog box open to proceed to the next step.

You can see this as a menu for your workbook with the names of- and a link to all sheets and a quick navigation back to the main menu (index worksheet). To quickly return to the index sheet ASAP Utilities has added a new name to your workbook that refers to cell A1 on the index sheet.
An index lists all the important points and topics in your document under one orderly alphabetical list. Only to find that if anything changes or the index re-flows, you need to update them all manually? In my example below, this style is named "Index Level 1", which is the default in InDesign. But also notice that the comma and page numbers have conveniently been left out in order to keep the Variable clean.
In this example, I have used the rectangle tool and will refer to that tool throughout this tutorial.Drag your mouse over the first item listed on your index page to completely cover it with the rectangle (or object of your choice). Don't be too concerned if they do not line up perfectly, as long as the text is covered. In my example below, I named the style "Index_Header", but feel free to name this however you wish. However, if you are using a different name for your 1st level index entry Paragraph Style, be sure to use that one. This has a side effect if you workbook contains chart sheets and you use this tool and then the file is used by someone that does not have ASAP Utilities. When they then click on a link to a chart sheet they will receive an error that the macro cannot be found.
A comparison example of using text or SmartArt for the index page is shown on page ten of this tutorial.

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