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Creating a free housewarming invitation makes the difference between summoning friends and family to your new home with a personalized and budget-friendly request and mailing out a generic rip-off. Step 1Open your word processing program to search for pre-formatted templates that you can download.
Step 4Add the date, time and address of the housewarming party, host's name, RSVP contact information and RSVP date. Step 8Click "Print." Select the number of copies needed and click "OK" to print your free housewarming invitations.

Taylor DiVico is a professional songwriter, content writer, fiction novelist and poet with more than 15 years of experience. Set a precedent for your housewarming party by taking the minimal time and effort to make your guests feel at home with an invitation specific to the event. Click "Clip Art" to select an image of a house or click "Picture" to upload a real photo of the home for added detail on your housewarming invitation.
You can dazzle them without the expense, leaving more cash in your wallet for party favors, food and beverages.

Choose and download an invitation template that fits the style and theme of your upcoming party.

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