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Infocaptor Excel Dashboard license allows you to connect to flat files and Excel based data sources and quickly enable you to perform ad-hoc data visualizations.
Microsoft Excel Files can be used as database to store information and this data can be visualized on the dashboards. Once you request for the meeting, we will schedule a time and send you a webex or Gotomeeting invitation to join the meeting. Researching your family background and creating a family tree is becoming a popular thing to do, and there are many ways to go about it.
Before you take on the task of researching your family’s past, make sure you’re organized and know what information you want to start out looking for.
Go through your own belongings- look for photo albums and important papers you might have stored away in your attic, filing cabinets or closets. It’s best to start with one or two family names or one surname and discover everything you can about these people before moving on to the next one.

It can be tricky to find the information you’re looking for in old records and databases, so be sure to research things a few different ways before giving up. It’s something that once created, can be added to year after year for multiple generations to enjoy. Ask family members if they have any items they might be willing to share for your research. Decide whether you’ll write an actual family history book or design a graphical family tree based on all your research.
Remember that sometimes records can be incorrect; try swapping out first names for last names, use nicknames or initials, even try entering alternate spellings of names.
Some people like to hold on to mementos like letters and photographs or even books, and you can find hints often written on the backs of old photographs or postcards. You can also visit your local library or family history center and look for the records of your ancestors, like birth and death certificates, wills, land deeds, etc.

Depending on what information you’re looking for, search multiple databases that allow you to search for specific things, like census information or military information. You can even interview aging family members and collect stories surrounding your family, not just random names and dates. If possible, travel to the places your family lived, visit cemeteries and courthouses and obtain what local information you can. Your aging loved ones often contain a wealth of knowledge and history, and it’s much easier to start with Grandma or Grandpa and move on in your search from there.

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