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Please raise your hands if youa€™ve ever struggled to clearly explain how people can get connected. The programs and processes are in place, but how do you make them come to life online? Many churches have a number of opportunities for people to get involved, and each individual is at a different point on their faith journey.
With the right church website design, including content and design elements, you can encourage people to take action towards growth. The second section includes three things you will need to do each week to keep the podcast up to date.  I have found that these weekly steps take about 10-20 minutes to complete. Our church uses free Audacity shareware software to record our sermons from the line out of our mixer board. Use your google (gmail) account and got Feedburner to create an account (it will be tied to your gmail account since it is all google).
Feedburner will walk you through the correct steps if you check that you want to create a podcast.
Create Link To Sermon Audio File in Text: In the post, we highlight the sermon passage and create a hyperlink it to the sermon file that you posted online. Let's face it, a church website is a necessary part of the church's ministry to the broader community.
A church website will give people moving into your community an insight into your church ministries.
Quality Designed Templates - With over 300+ templates, all you need to do is choose the appropriate template and add your church information. XSitePro Tutorial - This is a short ebook (85 pages) that explains step-by-step the whole process of creating a website. If you want to create and maintain a church website, then XSitePro 2.5 is worth consideration. We proudly present you our Website Template that was designed for the Christian churches, gospel groups, personal pages of the pastors, priests and preachers, church choirs and any Christian organizations.
Church websites are nothing new – today there are thousands of online churches uniting millions of people all over the world. A website builder is an online service that allows you to create, publish, and maintain your own website without any programming knowledge.
Creating church websites is a very delicate undertaking, as it requires understanding the tiniest aspects about the church, its community, and its faith.
Everyone ought to maintain a Home Inventory List to document their home assets for insurance purposes. The Inventory Spreadsheet includes some of the common locations and items that you might want to consider when creating your own inventory list. Taking photos of your property for your home inventory will make working with your insurance company go a lot smoother. Download our simple inventory spreadsheet, made specifically for listing the contents of your home for insurance purposes.

Keep track of warranty information, purchase price, condition, serial numbers, and model numbers. Home Inventory Worksheet (pdf) - Use this printable PDF worksheet to give you ideas about what you may want to inventory.
Search for inventory management software, inventory control, inventory system, and inventory spreadsheet on Google. Asset Tracking Template - Track office equipment, repair equipment, and other valuable assets. Software Inventory Tracking Template - Track hardware, software, licenses, expirations, etc. Excel can be used as a database in the sense of storing and working with tables of information, but inventory control can quickly get too complicated for Excel. Use these tips to create a a€?Next Stepsa€? page for your church website and see how easy it can be to help people get connected. The first step for someone may be to know that they are welcome to visit on Sunday morning. If the next step requires a person to fill out a giant form, you are assuming they want to scale a wall.
If the point of a step is to take another step, the process can start to feel like standing in line. Design is a tool to create interest and clarity, but should always be shaped by the content. Check analytics to make sure the page is being used and try different calls to action if any numbers seem low.
Having a professional, attractive and up-to-date website has the potential to bring new people to your church.
Webhosting is the place where you upload your website files so that the world can see your website. You have many powerful features that you simply do not get with other website creation software. The images and explanations highlight the ease and simplicity of using XSitePro 2.5 to create your church website.
As a rule, these don’t require uploading and installing any additional software – everything is done directly through your web browser. For this reason, it is better to design your church website yourself with the help of a reliable church website builder, rather than to delegate this task to the third party. Some of the descriptions in the inventory list, like "Electronics", are just placeholders to remind you to include your electronics.
A safety deposit box or even a locked drawer in your office would probably work for an off-site location. You may want to consider using Microsoft Access (a database program) or other specialized inventory management software.

These tutorials will give you all the help you need to create a professional church website. Of course, the general concepts of sitebuilding remain the same, yet many questions and important decisions may come about on the go. Website builders are a great alternative to hiring a team of programmers, content managers, and designers, since you’ll be able to perform all their duties yourself. On this platform you can build both simple and very complex websites, depending on your requirements. In fact, you can even opt for a free plan (it features all web design tools needed to create a decent website). My target is to show that sitebuilding isn’t rocket science, and that even a newbie can create a website. A simple inventory spreadsheet should suffice, so go ahead and download the free Home Inventory template below. For insurance purposes, it would be better to list each item separately so that you can include the price, serial #, and model # for each item. Now-a-days, most digital cameras have video capture ability, so you could record a quick video clip of each room in your home, and store the video clips and digital photos on a flash drive with your inventory. In this article I would like to dwell upon the advantages of using sitebuilders for creating online churches. In fact, on uCoz you can create practically anything – the only limit is your imagination. On this platform you can build an exceptional, full-fledged web presence of your church without any unwanted risks.
I’m also engaged in writing guest posts, so if you’d like to see my articles on your website - contact me.
If you need more sophisticated inventory management software for your home or small business, try searching the Microsoft Office template gallery or check out our sponsors. Using Flash you will be able to change the site navigation menu, add or remove menu buttons, place your logo or slogan there. You do not need Flash if you plan to use non-flash version which is also included in the package of flash animated website template.
Don’t doubt to create your site today – you may try to do this with the absolutely free plan on uCoz right now! Using the HTML editor you will be able to place your text, images and links on the pages, change the page layout and color scheme.

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