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Hello, My name is David Jacobus I am a former teacher of Computer Science and Mathematics, who is now working full time as a SharePoint Consultant! Email: (never displayed)*Email is optional, but if you enter one at least make sure it is valid. However, the exception to this rule is to modify the Hidden attribute of web template definitions. Keep in mind, this is written from the perspective of a FIM consultant who had to nut it out using the Microsoft Installing FIM 2010 R2 on SharePoint Foundation 2013 guide and my own ingenuity. The reason you need to do this via the Management Shell, is that Classic Authentication has now been deprecated in SPF 2013 in favour of Claims-Based authentication.
You have to run your sites in SharePoint 2010 Experience mode anyway, as the FIM Portal doesn’t support being installed on a SharePoint 2013 site collection. The screenshots detail an installation performed on Windows Server 2012, however I have also run through these steps on Windows 2008 R2. This is fairly straight forward, as the SPF Pre-requisites installer will setup almost all of the Windows Features, such as IIS, as well as the other SPF 2013 pre-requisites.
If you choose stand-alone, FIM will install an express database and pre-configure a SharePoint site. Now that SharePoint Foundation is installed, you need to create a new Server Farm and configure SharePoint Central Administration.
Note: SharePoint Foundation 2013 will actually issue a health warning in Central Administration if your database is on the same server as your SharePoint server.
Okay, now that the Server Farm has been created, and Central Administration is configured, the next step is for you to create your SharePoint Web Application.
Now that your Web Application has been created, you can actually go in and create a site collection for FIM through the SharePoint Central Administration GUI. Note: As mentioned above, I had an issue where the site collection was still being created in 2013 Experience Mode, despite selecting the 2010 option during creation.
Anyway, because of the lack of documentation at the time, I really had to work a lot of this out the first time I had to run through it, so I wanted to put it down as a guide for others who also want to install and configure FIM 2010 R2 SP1 on SharePoint Foundation 2013. Tried so much I can think of (configuration files, spns, entirely new installation ending up with same result) etc etc. My first installation worked fine (harbars post), when doing the exact same installation in another environment I ended up with this error.
That error is generally thrown by the FIM Portal when a user trying to login to the Portal isn’t configured correctly in the Portal. I can get into admin central just fine and I see the site collection as created by this article. I am following the below given article to configure the FIM with an AD connector & FIM connector, AD is single site, single domain.

Is the “FIMSPECIALIST\FIMSPAppPool” the local admin account on the server you used for the install?
I’m now in the process of creating an automated install of FIM and found a lot of information for doing so. Abstract: In this article, we will see how to use a custom WCF service to isolate the core SharePoint 2010 Object Model services from the direct access of the remote client application.
I have been working on a scenario where a WCF service hosted on IIS 7, communicates to the SharePoint 2010 server object model for performing List operations. The requirement behind creating a WCF service here is that the client application need not to be directly connected to the SharePoint 2010 Services.
Mahesh Sabnis is a Microsoft MVP having 14 years of experience in IT education and development.
So, I’m no developer by heart, and by trade I wouldn’t say I had a strong desire for it either, but I have my moments of brilliance. What I discovered in the process of this was: “Don’t start something you think is simple right before lunch, if you are remotely passionate about finishing what you start”. Once you run that command, go back to your Site Column page and hit F5 or refresh and it should show the Managed Metadata Service as below.
Use the right templates, features and functionality whenever possible in SharePoint.  It will save you a lot of time and effort redoing things later on. Thanks for reading this and leave a comment if you've had similar or worse experiences with hidden features. For this single attribute, and no other changes, Microsoft will happily support and leave alone your changes.
As such, you can’t select it as an option via the GUI and you even get a big red warning message (see below) when configuring a new site via the shell. If there are any warnings, or errors, it’s pretty helpful in telling you what you need to do. If you’re familiar with SharePoint, you can do this via the SharePoint Management Shell using Powershell, however you can use the GUI at this stage. Also, select NTLM as the authentication provider, or else you will have issues logging in to SharePoint Central administration. You can now close this window, as we will create your Web Application via Powershell, in the next step.
You actually need to use the SharePoint Management Shell, which is a Powershell interface, in order to do this, as the GUI will set up your site in a way that means FIM can’t use it. If you get this error, delete your site collection and re-create it, double-checking that you select 2010 Experience Mode. These are required for you to be able to actually login to the FIM Portal once it’s installed.

The first opens firewall Windows ports for your portal, so you can access it from other machines. I may come back and add to this over time so that it’s a more comprehensive guide, but this should get you started.
Similarly, when you login to the FIM Portal, you’re using the credentials you used to install the FIM Portal with? Have you ever automated the install and configuration of SharePoint Foundations for the FIM Service\Portal? The WCF Service acts as a successful interface between the remote user client and SharePoint 2010. Although SharePoint 2010 has provided in-built WCF services for working with List etc, but one my students who is working as a SharePoint 2010 developer, was having the following idea: In the diagram, I have tried to explain the type of the application he wants to develop. This WCF service communicates to the SharePoint 2010 Web Site using SharePoint 2010 Server Object model. Instead an end-user carrying his laptop, will use a Desktop application to perform SharePoint List updates using WCF service. Then later Identified that the Blank Site Collection template, by default will not be listed here. So until SPF 2010 SP2 is released, anyone wishing to install the FIM Portal for FIM 2010 R2 SP1 on Windows Server 2012 will need to use SharePoint Foundation 2013. I also see no point in using an express database if you have access to a proper SQL Server database. I put mine on the same SQL Server that I use for the FIMPortal, but only because I’m in a development environment.
After all that preparation, installing the FIM Service and Portal is actually quite straight forward.
The client application does not have any direct access of the object model and services (Web and WCF) published by the SharePoint 2010 application.
I would like to create a WCF service that will communicate with SP server to create sites, get sites, etc.
Here I am assuming that you are using SharePoint 2010 and know how to create a Web Site collection and List etc.
If you don’t want to change the xml or don’t have access, then the only other way is to go with the powershell.

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