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Today, we have another Vector Premium tutorial, which is available exclusively for Premium members. In this Premium tutorial, you'll learn how to make a realistic vinyl record, then we'll create an album cover to go with it, in the style of Patrick Nagel. As you know, we run a Premium membership system that costs $19 a month, which gives members access to the Source files for tutorials as well as periodic extra tutorials like this one! First you need a to create a rectangle, then curve the bottom-left and bottom-right edges of the rectangle from the property bar.
Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 to create a chemical like substance inside the test tube, however create only one oval this time.
Convert the circle near the edge of the test tube opening into curves by choosing the "Convert to Curve" option from the Arrange menu or by using the short-cut command Control + Q on the keyboard.

Add some gloss on top of the circles by creating a smaller circle within the circle and use the "Transparency Tool" on the inner circle.
Create two more shapes as below that will help us achieve the glass like effect for our test tube. Create a circle and add a drop shadow over it, then break the drop shadow apart either by using the keyboard shortcut Control + K or by right clicking on the object and then choosing the "Break Drop Shadow Group Apart" option. Using simple gradients and transparencies can really help the object have a more 3D and glossy feel.
In today's tutorial well be creating a retro throwback to the 80's with a pop album cover design. It should serve as guidance on how to make objects appear spectacular in CorelDRAW by using simple gradients and transparency effects.

If you're a fan of the simple portraits, mixed with art deco elements, characteristic of this style, then learn how you can make it in Adobe Illustrator. Time to fire up Grooveshark and listen to some Duran Duran as you work through this Premium tutorial.

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