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Creating a Hotmail account is a simple affair and on this page I shall provide detailed instructions along with screenshots. The Hotmail account will be your Windows Live ID that also gets you access to other Microsoft services like Messenger, Xbox LIVE etc. Anyway, the Check Availability button is conveniently provided to test if the chosen ID is not in use by someone else.
Note: Since Hotmail is a popular email service with millions of subscribers, getting an appealing ID might take a little time.
Before we move on to the next item in the form, I like to mention something important regarding passwords.
Let us now move on to completing the form to finish the process of making a Hotmail account.
All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser program, both of which you already have if you are reading this page online. Once you create a Hotmail account, the same login information (username and password) would let you access other Microsoft Windows Live services such as Spaces, OneCare, Calendar, Gallery and many more. Let's see how you can get a Hotmail account by quickly filling up the sign up form that has been loaded in the browser window. This is important as the ID has to be unique - you cannot use an ID if it's been taken by someone else.
You can also try checking for IDs that are a combination of your first and last names or those that describe you in any other way. The form requires you to enter your password twice and it does this for a reason - so that you don't forget it immediately.
Note: Form fields having an asterisk or a star symbol (*) in front are required for successful form submission and account creation.

If you are creating hotmail account for your business, your company name would be the ideal ID. A good mix of upper and lowercase letters, digits and symbols is the way to go and do refer the Password strength bar. I know of many people who when creating an account cannot remember the password they have entered a few minutes back.
I ask you to show a little perseverance in this matter as a good ID will help people recall your email address. We will not be touching much about choosing and purchasing a domain name or hosting as it differs from companies to companies. There are thousands of hosting companies around the world. Over time you may have sensitive and personal information stored in your account and it would be disastrous if the password is leaked out! You will just have to pinpoint one that best suit your needs and is popular enough to be reliable.
After you have obtained your new domain name, continue with the steps below.There are a few conditions that have to be met before you can make an email account on your own domain name.
You will be able to recall your password once you have used it to access your account a few times. Firstly, you need to make sure that your domain name is working and pointing to your web hosting server. Usually they will allow you to set up new email account if you pay for the hosting plan, but there is a limit to the number of email accounts you can create. If you are the owner of your domain name, your hosting company should have already gave you the account ID and Password.
If the domain name is owned by your company or your team, you should request for authority to access the control panel so that you can set up new email account for yourself.Please take note that different hosting companies offer different control panels.

So you should contact your hosting company if you do not know the URL of the control panel.Next, look for a link or an icon to the email management utility. For example, my hosting control panel(Exabytes) has a Email Accounts icon as shown on the left. Note that the space used by the email accounts comes from the total web space allocated to you in your web hosting package.
If you still do not know what is this about, just left it as default or put it 250mb if your hosting plan offer web space of more than 1gb.
In other words, you cannot set up an email account with 200MB space if you have only 100MB storage with your web hosting plan. But how are you going to access your email account?How to check emails from your newly created email account on your own domain1. Web Mail or Webmail allows you to check your email from a web browser as opposed to a desktop mail application such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird. Just fill in the form with your username and password that you’ve created and start checking or sending email!2. To learn how to set up the email accounts you have just created in any of these email clients, you can refer the sample steps in Gmail Outlook settings for SMTP, POP3, IMAP Server which includes the similar instructions to setup any email account in email clients of your choice universally.Please make sure to log out after checking your email on public computers to prevent other people from reading your email. It was so bad for my visitors but because I had no bank account I could not buy my own hosting.

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