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Every post on 72ave is well planned and designed — from color theme to layout to typography. The interesting feature about Paddy's blog is he gives hint about the next topic at the end of each post. Beside the unique blog posts, I'm particularly impressed by the scrolling timeline navigation located at the top. If you worry about site branding and consistency, here is a good example to solve this problem. Trent Walton made it so easy to manage his blog posts by keeping the header and footer black which goes well with any light color theme.
For each post, create a new HTML file for writing and a new CSS file for custom layout where you override the theme's style.css. When you are done with the draft and the post design, upload the custom stylesheet to your server.
It's no surprise we love shopping at Disney Store so when there is a coupon for 25% off your purchase we start making our wish lists, get our back-to-school shopping done, and even buy a ton Christmas gifts.
Disney Infinity, Disney Interactive's biggest and most ambitious video game to date, is embarking on a multi-city "Summer of Endless Fun" tour to showcase the most anticipated game of the year.
Activities include: game demos, surprise guests, photo opportunities, giveaways, contests, entertainment provided by Radio Disney's Ernie D and more!
Disney Infinity is an all-new game platform that gives players the freedom to create stories and play experiences featuring characters from The Walt Disney Company and Pixar Animation Studios. When it comes to the latest trend in children's toys it seems like the smaller they become, the more kids have to have them. Recently our friends at Disney Family shared the following directions for making your own fairy wings.
1.Cut two 29-inch lengths of wire to use for the top set of wings and two 26-inch lengths for the bottom set.

4.  Stretch one of the legs of the tights over one of the larger circles so that the top of the wing fits snuggly into the toe. Sign Up For Our NewsletterPlease sign up to receive our emails and stay up to date on all TMSM updates and news!! Help TMSMIf you enjoy what we do here at TMSM and want to contribute financial help, please click the below button and you can send us a donation through PayPal. Please note that The Main Street Mouse is in no way part of, endorsed or authorized by, or affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or its affiliates. As many Disney travelers know food allergies are a concern that are brought up on Disney forums frequently.
So as you run out for your last minute candy run tomorrow take a moment to buy some fun non food treats from your local stores party or toy section to ensure every kid in your neighborhood enjoys Halloween safely! I would like to take a moment to thank my friend Desiree for sharing the Teal Pumpkin information with me.
They break the traditional blog layout by designing a different theme for each post based on the topic.
David DeSandro plays around with the content and comment area, but the header and footer remain the same. Try to do it occasionally or on a special post like Smashing Magazine and Designer Informer. I find the easiest way is to design the blog posts on your local computer and then call the custom stylesheets with the WordPress's custom field feature. It is designed and maintained by Nick La, who also runs N.Design Studio, Themify, IconDock, and Best Web Gallery. Upon reviewing them I though to myself, by changing the color of the fabric, shape of the wire etc.
Form a circle with each wire length, overlapping the ends by an inch and taping them firmly together.

Make sure the edges of the tape are well pressed down so there are no rough edges for the wing material to catch on. Cut the remaining leg portions from the tights (they should resemble short tubes) and use them to cover the smaller wire circles as you did the larger ones.
But, for those of us without food allergies do we really take into account the day to day difficulties those with food allergies face? This cute and fun symbol tells the parents of children with food allergies that NON Food items are available as treats at a home. Also remember to print these fun signs to hang on your door to alert families with food allergies that you are ready for them! Until this year the concept of allergy friendly Halloween candy to me was making sure there was nut-less candy as an option for those allergic to nuts. We’ve also included the #TMSMDisneySide sign as well so you don’t forget to show off your TMSM pride during trick-or-treating too!!!
So, we should appreciate these blogazines who spend their extra time to make your reading more pleasurable. But food allergies extend WELL past nut allergies and this year FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) has come up with a great way to ensure even kids with food allergies can take part in trick or treating without parents having to worry about allergic reactions! If you would like to join this unique post trend, below are some excellent examples and WordPress tips on how to implement it.

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