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Part of the HP family since 2005,  Snapfish offers it’s members free unlimited photo storage.
Snapfish is offering an unlimited number of 4?6 prints for 1? each when you use coupon code UNLIMITED at checkout. The deal is fun because we typically see certain number of prints for 1? each, but not often a deal for an unlimited amount of prints. Also, if you are a new Snapfish member, you can get an additional (40) prints for FREE, just for signing up!
I was able to chat online and found out that new members get 20 free prints and it applies automatically.

Add one of these badges to your site by viewing and copying the code below into the right place in your site! Members can use their uploaded photos to share on Facebook or MySpace, and to create photo products (such as printing services).
However, if you do not order from Snapfish in a year, they do threaten you with deletion of your stored photos.
Your Snapfish friends that are granted access to your photos can download low resolution copies of the images you uploaded for free. However, for downloading high-resolution or original copies of photos, Snapfish charges a small per-image fee for each download.

Snapfish is available for both Mac and PC, and has 22 international sites (photos in a single account can be seen across the various global websites).

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