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So to help you along, we have compiled 13 conversation openers that you could use next time you go to a party or a conference or seminar. It’s best to memorise these questions in advance and not look at a card while engaging someone in a conversation.
Some of you will spend Thanksgiving in a Norman Rockwell-esque tableau, basking in the warmth of family and friends, and taking advantage of the holiday to enjoy each other's company, reminiscing about holidays past, and catching up on what's new in each other's lives. For others, though, no matter how much you may love your family, holiday get togethers can sometimes be an exercise in awkward silence, discussions of the moistness of the bird, whether you "made good time" on the road.
The morning started with an argument over if i had seen a yellow piece of paper with trash asignments.
The oldest sister called from Az to lecture me about not worrying about my sister ,who just got out of the hospital. Ever wish you had a smart, savvy friend with the inside line on what's happening around the Capital Region?
Here are a few highlights from the past week on AOA: + The Alive at Five lineup for this summer is out.

The statue dog that sits alongside the statue Thomas Whalen in Albany's Tricentennial Park has been wearing a scarf for some time now. The owners of Peck's Arcade and The Confectionery -- Heather LaVine and Vic Christopher -- were named semifinalists for Eater's annual "Young Guns" list. What are your company – and you individually – doing to deal with the current economic situation? What exciting milestone do you expect in your industry this year, and how are you geared to make the most of the opportunity?
And do remember that the other person is also trying to get to know you – so answer some questions yourself.
Warning: Depending on how seriously your family takes the nog, this could be a smooth, delicious holiday land mine disguised with a dash of nutmeg. You'll have to first gauge how the crowd will respond to poop stories before bringing this up.
There is even film of her reading the famous editorial answer to her letter to a group of area school children.

This is 2013 and we believe it could be your lucky year, the year when success is just waiting to happen. In My Fair Lady, Eliza was advised to stick to health and the weather as safe topics of conversation. You’ll find it all becomes easier after a few times and you may even end up with a valuable business lead, not to mention a friend.
You can throw in an additional question or two to help the conversation along – such as “why?” and, better still, “how can I help with what you are trying to accomplish?” You may not be able to ask all these questions of one person but you will have broken the ice and the person you are talking to is most likely now to link a face and personality with the name on the card. A bakery in East Greenbush has been making them -- and they even made an apple cider donut crodo.

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