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10 Days of Conversation Starters provide 10 sparks for you and your girl to get a good conversation going. The goal of today’s conversation starter is to find out what your girl sees as the most important things in her life. Then, take this information and plan ahead to incorporate some of the things you know now are her favorites.
A fun spin on yesterday’s question, today’s conversation can open the door to hear a bit of your girl’s dreams. Before today’s question, ask the Lord to give you His wisdom and His insight into your girl’s answer.
After she shares with you what she finds attractive, if it fits the situation, share with her what you found attractive in her dad or your husband.
Try talking about movie characters you have watched together and admirable qualities in them.
Each one of us has a tender spot in our hearts where we are more apt to get hurt than another. Share with your girl a time when you experienced hurt from a friend and you have chosen to forgive.
Take this dream and maybe, just maybe, this could be the one thing you and your girl can do together before she leaves home one day. If you enjoyed this month’s You and Your Girl series, you can read all the previous months here.

I’m starting a day late but I am looking forward to doing this with my daughter, I did the Prayers for my Girl last month and loved it. Receive email posts along with the article "Starting the Tough Talks" as Lynn's gift to you!
Some of the questions are just for fun; others are meant to open doors to deeper conversations.
Friends, mentors, grandmas, teachers or aunts – any one who loves a girl can get the talking started! You might even want to makes some notes after your conversations so you can remember what she says. Her answer might reveal her greatest heartache; the thing in her life that makes her most insecure. An encouragement to learn the gifts and talents God has given her and the knowledge that when we are doing work, which utilizes those gifts, we will enjoy life the most.
Take a moment to look up some scripture about fear such as 1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love. Don’t get too serious, but at the same time, draw her attention to traits that reveal a guy’s character. For instance, Will Turner is willing to risk his life to save Elizabeth’s in Pirates of the Caribbean. This is an open door to teach her forgiveness is for our sakes, not just the one who is being forgiven.

It is my goad, with the Lord’s help and creativity, to do one series each month this year!
Take the answer your girl gives you and continue with more questions to keep her talking and you learning more about your girl. Both kinds of questions will help to bring you and your girl into a closer, deeper relationship! In March, we’re going to talk about preparing our girls for dating…just in time for prom! The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” If she is open, pray together at the end of your conversation, asking the Lord to take away her fear and set her free in His love.
The answer to this question tells you what your girl values most for what we value most we are most susceptible to getting hurt.
She might be the type of girl who likes to repeat activities because they make her comfortable.
Jesus – please show us how to open the door to love on them and then, pour in Your truth!

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