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With a bit of mental twiddling, names like Tyler might suggest a career in bathroom renovation. How can anyone tell you whether you should invest your life together with another person, let alone dictate by how well your names go together? Right from my school days, a mob of cheeky Greek boys always liked to sidle up and ask, “How’s it going Muslim?” Or, “What are doing, Krishna?” But I could cope. Well, while I love first name compatibility matches, I don’t taken them even slightly seriously.
I mean, deciding your life by declaring your love match first name compatibility has got to be skating on mighty thin ice.

Horatio and Harriet, Michaela and Mungo, and the ever patient Algie and Eunice never make the hit list. I’d say it’s about as reliable as discerning your suitability through the yoghurt you both eat!
But never fear because there are always plenty of regular names tipped as the ideal titles to confirm that certain, special relationship. Some are positively incomprehensible, whilst others tend toward the slightly embarrassing (for instance, Randy is a fine name and alright in America, but it definitely isn’t recommended in Australia).
Taken in a lighthearted way, doing a love match first name compatibility test could be good fun.

But make it serious, or take it personally and pretty soon the little sense it has makes no sense at all.

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