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The wedding day doesn’t signify how a marriage would be like because the wedding day is just for a day while a marriage is a lifetime affair. There should be no secrets between the two of you so that there can be trust because, without trust, there can be no free flow of communication. Some couples prefer discussing their issues with strangers and friends rather than discussing it with their spouses.
This should not be so as your closest ally should be your spouse,Spice up your sex life:Just because you are married and now have a title does not mean you should do things in a conventional way.
Sometimes all you need to have a really good relationship with your spouse is to improve your sex life.

Always declare your love to your spouse in order to maintain a good relationship with them. Do not be shy to do this after all, if you didn’t love your spouse why then did you get married?Maintain trust:Who should you trust more in life if not your spouse?
The bedrock of any relationship is trust and therefore all relationships should be built around it.
Do you trust your spouse wholeheartedly?Learn to compromise:In marriage and in any relationship, you cannot always have your way. Both parties should be happy and to achieve that, compromise has to come to play.Maintaining a good relationship in marriage sometimes takes time.

With patience, love and trust, I believe your relationship can be improved upon.Do you believe this is possible?
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