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On the occasion of "Mother's Day 2015", we suggest a some poems about mothers for children, especially, some of christian Mother's Day poems for children. Poem is one of literature works which can bring certain lesson to the reader or the listener.
Chorus is filled with advice for children about the bad thing of saying “No” if their parents ask their help. It is because they have Jesus, the Lord who always be on their side for whatever the situations are. I have had a lot of experience in my life with people,and I only trust in God,no people!No one wanted my own good and that is why i have suffered to death!

I am not sure what Divot meant by tens or twenties.I don't follow church, just believe in God.
When I'm in charge of the weekly offering for church they get a ten, my wife always gives twenty. When we 'die' and reach the spiritual plane we certainly will have a better advantage to understanding life. Similar like its sibling novels, poems are also coming up with wide range variations and one of them are Christian poems for kids. This poem tells them that when they behave right just by saying “Yes” when their parents need their help, that things will make Jesus please of them, love them even more. I remember one week leaving the envelope with the offering in at home, had to reach in my pocket and all I had was a fifty.

These typical of poems are filled with inspirational lessons for kiddos so that they will have kind of good manners toward the older people and their mates. The essence of one of Christian poems for kids like chorus is about the obedience and love toward parents. This poem wants to plan a faith to kiddos that if they are feeling alone, actually, they don’t need to be so.
This is a very beautiful poem which teaches children about simple learning of life that sometimes life is not always easy just like they are expected, but once again, they don’t need to be afraid because Jesus will be always on their side.

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